Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Warmest Weather of the Year on the Way!

It was a cold start this morning with lows of 26 in Lafayette to 29 in Monticello. You see the Prangley lawn frost-tipped. The amazing part is lawn mowers were revved up in my neighborhood by 1 p.m. and you could hear at least a couple in the distance. That is Indiana for you! The good news is looking at our current pattern with a weakening La Nina, we may not have to worry about 20s again until next autumn. You never say never in Indiana but the worst of the cold may be over! I forecasted a warmer than average April and it is looking to work out that way. Look for highs in the middle 70s on the way for Wednesday and Thursday which will easily be our warmest days of the year!

One big note today is that by this time last year we had 11 days of 70 or above. This year we have an anemic 2 days of 70 or above, but in my 7 day forecast tonight we will more than double this number. Get ready for lots of catching up. Nature owes us!

You also know what this means Hoosiers. It is mushroom time! You see we had a bumper crop last year. This year we still have a decent shot of at least an average season which is good. We have been a bit too stormy and chilly at times. We have had plenty of moisture to work with but one of the big ingredients is warm weather and now that it is here there have already been some rumors of good pickings off state road 25. I cannot confirm or deny this. A friendly reminder to you is to get permission to mushroom hunt on private property. I will check back with you soon. I am working on a severe weather special all week that will air next Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. So please bear with me here on the blog. My posts may be a little more abbreviated. But it is my closest contact with you many times, so I will do my best to keep it fresh. I will post as much as I can and even give you a few tidbits coming up in the special. Now back to work on the Monticello tornado that hit in 1974.

A big thanks to Doug Fleming and Roosevelt Middle School for helping us last Friday on this special and I cannot thank Gordy Cochran, Mark Robertson, along with Gordy's Mom and sister enough. They took me back to that fateful day and I felt like I was there. Also, Larry Crabb tells us of a local storm story you will never forget! Remember to tune in next Wednesday at 7:30 p.m here on WLFI!


Heather said...

I googled the comment above, beware it is most likely a virus!

Dont click on it!


Anonymous said...

You are right! seems like every week someone is writing on this blog see here,I did click on one and it was not pleasent. Be cautious!

Ben said...

Maybe you had better luck, but last years warm temps early in April were met with a late cold snap. It screwed everything up, and it was the worst mushroom hunting season I can remember! This year has seen a much more gradual warm-up which is super. Do you see a cold-snap coming in the foreseeable future? I sure hope not! Best of luck to all the other hunters out there.