Monday, April 14, 2008

Looking Like Spring & Soon to Be Feeling Like It!

First of all....I cannot thank all those enough who came out for the first ever cancer center challenge at Purdue. It poured just before the race and it was cold! But it turned into a beautiful day thanks to you and I really enjoyed running and chatting with many of you! There were many great stories and it made running up those two big hills much easier. Enjoy the picture above of those that help make this community a special place. I look forward to seeing you out there next year.

This weekend we were running against the win and we did have some wet snowflakes as forecast but things were looking much better today. The blooming forsythias above tell the story. It is looking like Spring but it will not be until later tomorrow that it feels like Spring. Join me tonight for the latest on a freeze warning tonight and why I think 70s will make a comeback this week into your forecast.
There will also be a special mushroom forecast coming your way here on the blog by tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mike what is the cancer center challange? I have heard nothing about it with the exception of your blog. I am breast cancer survivor, I found out I had cancer at the young age of 46, I am now 49.

What a wonderful thing you do for our community, as well as being our wonderful weather guy!

I useally sign my name however today I wish to be Anonymous