Friday, April 18, 2008

Aftershocks Continue in Lafayette as a 4.6 is Registered

We have verified that at least 5 aftershocks have now been felt in Lafayette. Here at WLFI we had some computer monitors shake at approximately 11:18 a.m. These aftershocks have registered mainly in the 2.0 to 2.5 range. This last aftershock was a 4.6 which is pretty strong for an aftershock.

New data updated at NOON:

Seismologists are now upgrading the aftershock we had after 11 a.m. to a 4.6 earthquake which is unusually strong and quite significant for an aftershock. Remember post-earthquake tremors can continue 3 days after the main earthquake.

Seismologists said the Midwest vibrated a good 15 minutes after the main earthquake on their sensitive equipment and it will go down as the Midwest and East Coast regions strongest earthquake since 1968. This may or may not be a warning sign of heightened activity.

The New Madrid fault line is located in a much heavier populated area than it was back in the 1800's when it had the "big one" hit. A repeat of this which is forecasted by some scientists would be absolutely devastating with significant damage likely even here at home in the Lafayette, especially to older structures and old brick buildings. Windows would also be shattered.

Lafayette lies on a WABASH VALLEY FAULT ZONE which likely was an active "ancient" fault zone. This is the northern extension of the New Madrid fault line.

Here is an easy link to see the latest earthquake information on what is happening right now.

Some more viewer feedback: The main earthquake that hit just before 5:40 a.m. was worse than the one that hit our area in 1968, but not as bad as the 1987 earthquake that actually knocked people off their feet. Actual waves were seen along the ground in some farm fields.


Anonymous said...

I am scared,earthquakes are not like tornadoes where they can be tracked, no one knows when the next aftershock or earthquake will hit. what does one do if a large quake hits while driving? is there a safe place? My dogs and birds are acting strange, restless, are they warining me again?


Anonymous said...

I was talking to my neighbor acrossed the street and she said she was in her bed and around 5:30am her bed started to shake like crazy. My family and I slept through it. But it did shatter one of are van's sliding windows.
Now im just hopeing it dose not happen again.