Monday, April 7, 2008

Wonderful Weekend Weather Turns Woeful This Week!

It was a weekend to remember for wonderful weather and lots of good, quality family time. As I get older this becomes even more important to me. I think it is because before I know it these 3 girls of mine will be teenagers. So we hit the trails of West Lafayette on our bikes. Lauren who still has training wheels actually did a great job and went at least a couple miles with the family. We did a little pit stop at the park so she could rest her little legs. She fell asleep in a hurry last night. Megan and Abbey found a way to turn it into a competition of course and I explained that it was not a race. Apparently I ended up in last place according to Abbey. BJ our dog you see in the picture actually trotted beside our bikes for a good part of the way and he was still running around last night. That dog is amazing! He could be the energizer dog. My wife then got home and somehow found the time and energy to cut up some great strawberries, cantaloupe, and the best watermelon. She even found some corn that went well with our beef and noodles. It was great being able to eat outside again! Thank you Julie! I may have run 5 marathons, but she runs a marathon about once a week with all the things going on in our family. I just run to try to stay and shape and keep up with all my girls. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Some other highlights including going to Dog N Suds with Megan after her ballet practice while Abbey and Lauren were at gymnastics. There is nothing like a Coney Dog as your first real Spring weather days move in. We all then somehow met up at Abbey's soccer game. The Greater Lafayette Recreatonal Soccer Alliance has over 200 teams this year which is a new record. My hats off to Rodney Tucker, Boyd Wheeler and all the other volunteers that help put this together every year. The Davidson fields actually drained pretty well in all that sunlight yesterday.

It is a blast watching these young kids growing up before your eyes year in and year out. Abbey's soccer team has gone from little toddlers to tall, athletic girls in just a few short years. I wouldn't have been able to stop a couple of those kicks and the coaches are doing a great job teaching teamwork. Abbey had two assists and I told her that in my book that is better than a goal. Making others around you better is what it is all about not just on the soccer field, but in life!

Now since we are talking about life. Such is life here in Indiana that it is very rare to have more than a few nice days in a row without a reality check. Nature likes playing April Fools Jokes on us throughout much of April and sometimes early here is the deal...we will be paying for this nice weather with a penalty kick.

The latest maps in today are no joke. I expect over 100 tornadoes across the country this week, flooding, more blizzard conditions, and even some record highs and lows. Here at home this means we will have a week of all seasons that includes humidity, heavy rain, strong thunderstorms, and yes even snow. I will be back for more on this. Get outside while you can! This evening looks terrific! You can put the fertilizer down before the rain moves in late tomorrow, and especially tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

Snow again, gosh I am wearing shorts today! With such a change in temp. could this mean severe storms? I sure hope not! I had witnessed a tornado form and touch ground, was somthing to see, not even 800 yards from me where it hit. That was on memorial day a few years ago, did damage to the dayton area. Just a few mins, before that tornado touched down I watched a huge funnel cloud form in a fild, I cant tell you what a frightning site, the tornado was black it was picking up dirt from the field, you could see the lightning in the tornado, It was only on the ground for a moment, and lucky we were, it did leave deep holes in the field where it touched down.

Anonymous said...

And boy did we ever enjoy these three beuatiful days in a row! Saturday we drained the Koi pond (muddy water from flood) and found ALL our fish and lilies remaining! Yesterday we just enjoyed the day after worship and even ate a meal on our screened in porch! I could take an entire season of this wx even though I know some are still chilly.

I am NOT looking forward to severe wx.

Mary Anne in Remington