Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sneezing? Lots of Pollen & Omega in the Forecast

Well, it can be miserable for allergy sufferers this time of year, but it still is an improvement compared to what we have been going through this year. The pollen count will remain in the high range through at least Friday so make sure to get out the tissues along with your short sleeves! We also have a lot of omega in the forecast. What is that? Tune in tonight to find out and I will have more on the blog here later this evening. In the meantime enjoy the tulips basking in the sunshine above! What a gorgeous day!

One interesting note....all the new maps have slowed down everything by up to 24 hours. This will impact our weekend. Instead of the rain showers mainly on Friday, they could still linger into Saturday. The good news is it is a weak system and I do not expect all day rains. I will have the new model data in for you by later this evening. Keep those garage sale plans for now!


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely GORGEOUS string of days we have enjoyed! And...we deserve them, LOL!!

Mary Anne in Remington

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike and Mary Anne!

I agree about the beautiful weather! Nice to sleep with the windows slightly opened. FRESH AIR!

The magnolia trees are in full bloom and are breath takeing. Hopefully we can enjoy beautiful flowers longer than we did last year.

Teri in Lafayette.