Monday, April 28, 2008

Snow & Sleet Reported in Illinois, Hail in Kentland

Do not be surprised to see a quick coating of hail or sleet like you see in this picture above from April of 2007.

Well it is getting wild out there! The good news is the cold air funnel threat has diminished because many areas have dropped from the 50s into the lower 40s and with the scattered showers and thundershowers that have erupted we have some lower cloud bases now which would help limit any cold air funnel formation. I also contacted Chad at the National Weather Service in Indianapolis and he agreed. If we had temperatures in the 60s right now it would be a different story.

The main threats through this evening will continue to be some pea-size hail. Another light hail shower moved through Kentland in the last 10 minutes. That was their second one in the last couple hours. Matt Kubat also reported hail briefly covering the ground near Battle Ground just after 12 p.m. The other threat this evening will be sleet and maybe a quick round of thundersleet. This could cause roadways to become slick in a hurry where it occurs. So we will all keep our eyes to the sky and I have Live Doppler 18 and Precisioin cranked up and ready to go!One last thing....a few wet snowflakes also cannot be ruled out, especially as we cool down closer to 40 degrees after 7 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I recognize my back door and the hail storm from that time! I was driving home from Lafayette today and saw some suspicious-looking cloud formations. I think I saw the formation of a funnel cloud but it disipated quickly.

Oh...and I did cover the two tomato plants i have out :-)

Thanks, Mike for staying on top of things!

Mary Anne in Remington

Renee said...

I was so much enjoying taking the kids outside to play,going to the park, and walking. Now I have to stay in and wait and my kids even have runny noses and my girl is coughing a lot today. I was hoping no more colds for them. I took them to the opening day for the zoo so I hope it wasnt to cold for them. I need to get outside!!!Hehe.I cant wait for Thursday.