Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Thunder from Jets than Nature in the Sky

There was a big stir around Indiana as I woke up this morning. Some folks claimed they had their homes shook by a meteorite in Tipton and Howard Counties. They also reported seeing sparks in the sky. This I thought to myself could not be a meteorite based on these reports. The answer lies with the Air National Guard.

Sure enough by this afternoon we find out that fighter jets in training were to blame. The bright lights were flares that were used in their war games. This I guess was Indiana's version of Top Gun. Uusually this time of year it is nature that is top gun and putting us in the danger zone. We know the man-made thunder from the jets will not outdue nature's thunder much longer. Sure enough, looking at the long-range maps I do see an increased risk of thunder and severe weather by the middle and end of next week. So let's just enjoy this quiet weather while we have it.

The weekend storm system looks weak at best and it will be tough just to get a heavy rain shower out of it. Should we name it a male "W" with a quarter inch of rain or less on the way? This will be a tough decision. So remember "scattered" showers is the key word which means it will not be an all-day rain on Saturday and do not cancel those garage sales. Now if you were disappointed in not seeing shooting stars last night I will make sure to post the next few meteor showers here. So check back a little later tonight. Oh yes! The severe weather special is looking great and I will post some tidbits from that as well.

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