Friday, April 25, 2008

More Purple Lightning & Thunderstorms on the Way

Latest breakdown for you as of 3 p.m.
Chance of Tornadoes 3%
Chance of Large Hail 25%
Chance of Wind Damage 30%

These numbers represent the percent chance of damaging storms within 25 miles of your backyard. Prime-time for thunderstorms tonight between 9 p.m. and 12 a.m. I think the timing is on our side. The loss of daytime heating will help our cause with only isolated strong storms possible. Our chances for a weather watch at this time are marginal, but we still cannot rule it out. I will make some calls and post what I can find for you as soon as possible. Tonight will also be a good night to tune in with Precision and Live Doppler 18 ready to go!

There was purple lightning last night reported in Lafayette. This means you are very close to the lightning channel and you need get to your safe spot at once. The farther away you get from the lightning bolt the more yellow the color. All lightning is dangerous and even if we do not have any warnings issued tonight please take it seriously. Also, please do not go looking to see what color the lightning is. I will show it to you on the Renaissance Camera. Stay safe and stay tuned.

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