Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TULIPTASTIC NEWS! A Frost Instead of A Freeze Tonight!

The latest is in....our freeze watch has not been upgraded to a freeze warning. We do have a frost advisory. But the key thing is temperatures in most spots stay above freezing sparing our tulips and even the lilacs. You see the picture above from State Farm and like a good neighbor, nature is on our side....for once! You still want to water your plants very well tonight and cover the ground with blankets. You do not have to cover the flowers. This can damage the plant. Make sure to then remove those blankets tomorrow because it will warm up in a hurry and it can cause more harm to your plant. I will check back soon! I need to get ready for another newscast explaining the good news and even highs back up near 80 by late week!

This warm change in the forecast I will take credit for. I did find out just how rare those snowflakes were yesterday. Hint: It was something we have not seen this late in the season since one of our blizzard years!


Fenrisar said...

See Please Here

Renee said...

I am happy to hear the tulips and lilacs should be ok. I love seeing the tulips as I go down 52.

Anonymous said...

Everyone please keep an eye on the weather late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night as the SPC is forecasting a tornado outbreak from Arkansas/Tennessee up through Illinois and possibly Indiana. The latest forecast they just issued has the worst overall storms southwest of us but they also said that the tornado potential will be just as high up this way.