Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good News for Us on the T-Storms & Flooding!

I know a lot of you are ready to turn here it goes CAPE VALUES are much more stable at under 200 here tonight than the models depicted (no surprise there) and the LIFTED INDEX is looking better than earlier at -1. The lifted index will then go to at least +2 by noon tomorrow as Vicky sends a dry slot our way. This should prevent another line of storms from forming during the warm afternoon on the way tomorrow here at home.

I do not see a weather watch for us and the main threats with the thunderstorms tonight and Friday morning if the second line does in fact form will be lightning, wind gusts near 40 mph, and heavy rain.

The second bit of good news is there will not be training of thunderstorms and I do not see any 3, 4, or 5 inch gully washers out there tonight and Friday morning. Most of us should end up with one to two inches of rain and this means no major flooding! Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite...I will be here just in case we have anything bigger pop up.

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Anonymous said...

I am relieved that it appears we may have, yet again, dodged the bullet for major flooding (YIPEE)!!

I have family who live in MN - and Duluth is getting hit with a Blizzard. They even have forecast Lake Superior may have waves as big as 15 feet!!!

Again - depending on the weather system today - I think we dodged the worst of the weather.

Thank you for keeping us up to date with all your blogs (and the info provided).

We'll just keep our fingers crossed that the weather does not bring us any severe storms on Friday.

River Lover
West Lafayette