Monday, April 28, 2008

Not a Great Day for Golf....Watching for Hail & Cold Air Funnels

Here is a cold air funnel that was spotted over Monticello on July 24, 2003. Today we will watch the skies for these rare phenomenon. More details below.

Sorry, it took awhile to get to you today. My body is in a state of shock going from those 80s last week to wind chills this morning in the 30s and 40s. But I am snapping to it now! The rest of our afternoon will feature some interesting weather. Our freezing level is only 3,300 feet high and by time you reach 5,500 feet our temperatures drop to 20 degrees. Thank goodness we are not on a mountain range like they are in Denver, Colorado or we would not have broken freezing today and I would have snow in the forecast. It could always be worse.

Instead be on the outlook for pea-size hail since our freezing level is so low. The rain drops are lifted up in the cloud with these updrafts and it does not take much to put a coat of ice on them. One other feature not mentioned today in forecast discussions....we need to be on the outlook for cold air funnels. This is the perfect set-up for these usually harmless funnels to form. Rarely do they touch the ground but as we saw back in June of 2002 here in Lafayette when they do they can cause some minor damage. I will keep in better touch with you the rest of today and this evening. I have some great pictures from the weekend to show you, but it is all business until our hail and funnel threat diminishes. I think by 9 p.m. our threats will go way down and we should be in the clear.

But in the meantime, pass up on the golf today and re-schedule it for Wednesday and Thursday. First things first...once these clouds clear our frost threat will go way up. I will let you know when that will happen on tonight's newscasts.

To my relatives in Wisconsin.....I have nothing to do with the snow you woke up to today near Green Bay....absolutely nothing!

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Brow said...

Sheesh! It is pretty chilly out there. After the 1st storm blew through, it feels even odd for this time of year and because it was 80 last week.

Never heard of Cold Air Funnels before but I know that I would probably flip out if I ever spot one and think the worst. :)

Here is a little more info on cold air funnels: