Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Daffodil Delight to a Crocus Crushing Weather Pattern

It is late and even though I read a recent article that blogging can be hazardous to your health I think blogging is terrific! It is the one way I can totally clear my mind so I can hit the hay every night at peace. Of course on stormy nights I thrive on updating the blog with pictures and updates. So I guess it depends on the blogger. I do not see the blog as a chore but as a great outlet to share some of my thoughts and feelings with you on what it is like to be a meteorologist, a Dad, a husband, a marathoner, etc. I am after all only human despite what some may think. Your feeback on here is invaluable with all your thoughts and pictures. Every night I stand in front of the camera and it would be nice to actually see who I am talking to. By having this blog I feel I can get to know you much better and this in turn allows me to truly be your meteorologist because I discuss what you are talking about and really need to know when I am on the air. So thank you! Blogging is essential to my health and well-being not only as a person but as a meteorologist.

Speaking of health, the most important part of my job is to protect lives and property. Notice above we are on a record pace for tornadoes in this La Nina pattern with no signs of it slowing down. We have had over 500 tornadoes and in this pattern we will certainly challenge the all-time record of tornadoes set in 2004 when the United States had 1,722 tornadoes. The second most tornadoes ever was set in 1998 with 1,424 tornadoes. We are on pace to push an unthinkable 2,000 tornadoes. Can we keep it up? Nature thinks so. Last night we had another tornado in Oklahoma but it is just the tip of the ice berg. It will be the start of a big week for tornadoes not only this week but next week. Here in Lafayette are chances of tornadoes will start to increase late this week and by the middle of next week. So have that severe weather plan ready. If this isn't enough snow is back in our forecast for the weekend. Remember I am only human....oh the humanity! I am only the messenger and I certainly did not order this weather on my days off. Why do I get so defensive? Well, I am actually smiling right now. At least I am not calling for an inch of snow like we had April 14th last year and this time around it should just be a few snow flurries. It could always be much worse. I will post some pictures of a Minnesota blizzard on here today that will make you thankful that only flurries are in the forecast.

Severe weather tonight looks minimal with the highest risk staying to our south and west, but we still have the potential for some lightning, 40 mph wind gusts, and pea-size hail. Things could get a little more serious here at home later this week. I will have more on this tonight. Make it a great day! At least we will have one more daffodil delight for most of today before the crocus crushing pattern moves in. It is a good thing us Hoosiers are tough. Have a great day and have a great run!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you enjoy writing your blog as I enjoy reading it.

I have family, that lives in MN, and some cities were bombarded with snow (over 30" in some spots). Whew - glad that was not us! It was hard, while hearing of this news, to imagine snow while sitting outside in this beautiful weather.

I see that there is a great chance of rain, more than 1 day in a row. As always - my thoughts turn to the river and hoping that she does not come over her banks, to the extent of Feb 2008. It being tax season - I would rather focus on getting taxes down, then evacuating.

I did not realize there have already been that many tornadoes, thus far for the year - I am gald that you point out this information - as I have already got my emergency suppies together (just in case).

Thanks for the update and I hope that the chance of snow you mentioned for this weekend, well - proves false (which, would be a good thing).

River Lover
West Lafayette

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