Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thunder, Hail, Rain, Sleet, & Snow Rock the Area, A Freeze is Likely Tonight

Deanna Roadruck snapped a picture yesterday that looks more like a February dusting of snow on the southside of Lafayette. What you are actually seeing is a light coating of hail.

When the earth has not been shaking with earthquakes, nature has been rocking us in other ways. My dog is still recovering from the quakes and now this. He is one confused little guy. Treats can only do so much! Last year at this time I was forecasting our first 90 degree day of the season and people were ready to go swimming. That pool above would be the place to be. But today we are all saying it feels like snow and where did our Spring go? We had everything thrown at us on Monday and it was a day we will not soon forget! My favorite weather saying is that sometimes we get all the different seasons in one day here in Indiana. Every night it is like the Super Bowl for me. Last night certainly lived up to the hype. On Monday, we had almost every conceivable type of precipitation. Here is what it looked like on the southside. Thanks Sarah Bondurant for sending this in.

I also wanted to share just a few e-mails below that confirm that we were all not really dreaming. We did keep the cold air funnels away, barely....we were on the verge of even having those according to Mary Anne in Remington.

Hey! I recognize my back door and the hail storm from that time! I was driving home from Lafayette today and saw some suspicious-looking cloud formations. I think I saw the formation of a funnel cloud but it dissipated quickly.

Oh...and I did cover the two tomato plants I have out :-)

Thanks, Mike for staying on top of things!

Mary Anne in Remington


We had .30 of rain and a 5 minute spell of hail this evening. It turned the dirt white!

Randy in Frankfort

Just as your weather segment ended we got a brief burst of sleet at 5750 N CO Rd 100 E, Frankfort

Rick Ryan

We started off beautiful, then it got dark, we got a little pea size
hail and some rain and right now it's sunny again.
The temp is 53*.

Mike we just had round two!!!! I think it's pretty cool, the sun was shining right after!

Mary Beth in Kentland


just wanted to let you know that it just hailed out here for about 10 minutes. The hail was about pea sized and blanketed the ground...SO COOL!! lol

Matt Kubat in Battle Ground

34 and snowflakes at 11:00 p.m.

Charlotte in Monon

At 11 p.m. as I wore my snow tie on the air that was singing Santa Clause is coming to town during commercials, it was all a bit surreal. At least I kept the mood light and having a good sense of humor can work wonders even if we had some of our latest snowflakes ever on record here in Lafayette. I have to admit I was having a lot more fun than most folks yesterday. It goes back to my childhood and missing out on one too many snowstorms in Maryland. Indiana is certainly making amends to me and almost 39 years was worth the wait!

Today's weather blog questions: When was Lafayette's latest snowfall on record and when was the last time we had snowflakes this late in the season.

I will go do some research for you and have more on this. In the meantime, here is the proof of Precision on some of the areas that saw snow last night. The blue areas show where the snowflakes are flying at 10:45 p.m.

The purple areas show a mix of rain and snow. Now this brings us to our next concern. Once these snow clouds clear the area we will likely have a frost and freeze by late tonight. So make sure to tune into Kelly and I, today and tonight for the very latest and pick those morel mushrooms while you can. This freeze may shorten the season. Pete got out there just in the nick of time!

Hi. These were found on Saturday the 26th, in northern Delphi. We went back Sunday & found about 30 more. Lets hope it warms up again nicely this week so these tasty morsels will continue!
I hope all is well with you & yours.

Pete WargoOwner/OperatorLuckyBrush Chimney ServiceDelphi, Indiana

Thanks Pete! Have a great day and I will answer those blog questions for you tonight on the newscasts and here on the blog. I still have a summer outlook I am working on for this blog and will it be posted on here sometime this week. So keep checking back for more good stuff! Nobody loves weather like me and our dedicated weather watchers and WLFI weather bloggers! I can't thank everybody enough for making this blog so much fun. This blog is a tribute to all Hoosiers and our unique Midwest weather that is found nowhere else on earth. Paul Hadfield will also make an extraordinary return to this blog with a story and pictures of what happened during his storm chase last Friday in Illinois. Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

I remember a MOTHER'S DAY snow in 1968! My little one was recovering from tonsil surgery so I am sure of the year. It looked like March. Sun would shine, then get real dark, and snow like the dickens to cover the ground before the sun came out again. The process repeated itself over and over. I don't remember the exact date but that would have been MAY!!

Mary Anne in Remington

Anonymous said...

I witnessed a cold air funnel cloud back in the late 80's, The sun was shining no weather alerts the the sirens went off, I ran outside looked to the sky and could not believe my eyes! It was high in the sky, and lasted for a few mins..

Teri in Lafayette