Friday, April 25, 2008

Lightning Will Be The Main Threat Over the Next Two Hours

Got off the phone with the is the latest as of 10:15 p.m.

We had a wind gust near 67 mph reported in Champaign, Illinois but that cell quickly weakened as it moved into a more stable air mass here in Indiana. Be on the outlook for dangerous lightning, heavy downpours, pea-size hail, and wind gusts near 45 mph between now and 12 a.m.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mike! It's good to see that you're not predicting any tornadoes for tonight. That always makes a family rest easier!

Anonymous said...

My dogs must be shell shocked,they are acting the way they did when we had the earthquake. They were not afraid of storms before. You stated Il had a wind gust of 67, I wonder what we had here about 1/2 hour ago, I had to fasten down my swing It was blowing against the house!

Thanks TV 18 for all you do! And thank you for this blog, I enjoy it.

Rachael in Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

The wind has let up, finally! now we are getting a nice steady rain, To be honest its rather pleasent.
I just hope we dont have any more wind or lightning. Dogs are sleeping now. But I listen to you and not let my guard down!

Rachael in Lafayette,

Anonymous said...

And we had a gust to 29 mph here in Remington with just a smatter of rainfall. The cool breeze feels great!

Mary Anne

Anonymous said...

I agree, I turned the air off, and now have the windows open, the air smells fresh.