Thursday, April 10, 2008

All Eyes on Live Doppler 18 As Vicky Moves Our Way

I am going to keep this shorter than usual here in the wee hours of the morning so I can get some rest and pace myself for Storm is the latest....everything is moving slower which may work in our favor at least for much of today. Jeff Smith wants me to keep the big storms away until after Obama leaves town later this evening. He may get his wish, but then again he may not.Timing of thunderstorms is very tricky in the field of meteorology. The resolution of our models just cannot pick up on these mesoscale features. It isn't always black and white in life or in meteorology, but a gray area we have to deal with. Thank goodness for Live Doppler 18. Things could really get interesting by later tonight into Friday with a potent storm. This storm is named Vicky because it will be like an inland hurricane based on its pressure falling to 984 millibars. Normally this is something you would see associated with a category one hurricane. This is downright impressive! If you look at the hurricane names for 2008, Vicky is the the "V" name so it works well here. It will be the strongest storm of the season easily. We skipped "U" because it is not traditionally used when naming storms. Now I will have an update coming your way here on the blog about exactly what you can expect and when.


Anonymous said...

My heart sunk, this morning, seeing we have Flood Watches posted. The Wabash just got down to a desireable level, and now flooding (again).

My other concern is the severity of the storms, and it is good to know we do have a storm headed this way - so we can be more alert to the weather and keep our eyes on the skies.

I appreciate your updates and keeping us informed on the latest!

River Lover
West Lafayette

Brow said...

As Mike said, it may be a good thing that she is moving in slow.

The temps will be cooled by the time the worst of it hits meaning less of a threat for severe weather.

But like you said, we don't need any more dang floods.

Anonymous said...

Just got home from work, 231 S. is a mess, lot of standing water and is raining very hard, take it slow!

Anonymous said...

All winter the models have had an eastern bias. Today, the low has dug in deeper and further north and west than expected and the system has occluded faster than SPC thought. I wonder why nobody saw this coming when the same thing happened over and over again all winter. This was the worst forecast winter I've seen in Indiana (particularly from the Indianapolis people) who rely too much on SPC and models.

Now that this low is heading north, I wonder if the severe outbreak today and tonight might not be so bad but tomorrow worse than expected with severe weather in northern IN, souther MI, all throughout OH, and eastward?