Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Great Car Washing Weather Today!

Year: 1969
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Bus

Found in New Mexico. Comes complete with stereo, curtains, dining table, bench seat that folds into full size bed, and other camping accessories.Brandon

Stop the presses! We finally missed out on some rain last night. I know I forecasted it to stay dry but this is quite a turnaround. I want to thank Brandon who is our new floor director at WLFI for sharing this impressive picture of his "baby" you see above. This car is extra special to me since it was made in the same year I was born. It is a beauty and after he washed and waxed it, as smooth as silk. Today we will have some fine car washing weather. The next good chance of any widespread rain will hold off until Friday. We have a ridge of high pressure detouring storms well to our north and west. By time these fronts arrive at home they have little or no punch left. Even the system coming in on Friday does not look too bad at this time. The March for Babies on Saturday morning looks dry right now and I will have updates as we get closer.

Here is the latest yearly precipitation for Lafayette you see above. Believe it or not we are about .76" below average on rainfall in April. But even with a drier than average month we are still a good 5 inches of precipitation above average for the year. Yesterday it hit 77 in Chalmers! The next big news will be our first 80 degree day possible tomorrow. I will have more on this tonight along with our first reports of mushrooms being reported around the area.

Stay tuned and make sure to tune in tonight for our big weather special! It features the 1974 Monticello tornado from a perspective you have never seen before.

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Anonymous said...

It was also a beautiful 77* here in Remington yesterday, too! it early for that blocking high to our southeast to have formed? If memory serves me right that was our drought setup last summer, was it not? High pressure to our southeast with a ring of fire all around us but missing us with rainfall?

Mary Anne