Monday, April 21, 2008

22 Aftershocks & Counting As May Pattern Settles In

Dog Damage Due to Aftershocks at the Prangleys'

Wow! The main shock may have been Friday morning but the aftershocks just keep coming. Seismologists say these may continue for maybe the next couple weeks. The older, cooler Midwest earth crust will allow these aftershocks to keep going and from time to time we will keep feeling these things. Pets are still the most susceptible for being rattled by these aftershocks so keep them as calm as you can. My dog B.J. continues to find things to shred around our house as you see above. I blame the aftershocks because he has been on a rampage since Friday. I have given him some extra love and treats. My wife even walked the little guy more than 6 miles on Sunday, but he is still wound up! We had another bigger aftershock hit the area at 1:38 a.m. It registered 4 on the Richter Scale 7 miles northwest of Mt. Carmel, Illinois. It was felt my some here in Lafayette.

A lot of folks have been asking if any damage pictures from our area have been sent in. I finally recieved a few from Jackie Oliver. Here are her pictures and story.

Fowler, IN on 7th street, next to my house... this very old vacant house had three window panes and window debris fall on the outside. It was concluded by Officer Kidwell of the Fowler police dept. and myself (being the neighbor) that it was from the earthquake in early a.m., April 18th, considering timing and circumstances. thanks, Jackie Oliver, freelance photog.

Now that was impressive. In the 1987 quake there were a few more reports of damage than this past one. I know cracked window panes were much more common. So we can consider ourselves lucky this time around.

I got in my 4.11 miles today and weights...the Body Pump class at International yesterday has me more sore than after the D.C. Marathon!!


Anonymous said...

Not sure on the answer for earthquake weather, I didnt know there was such a thing. I believe that earthquakes can happen at anytime and anywhere no matter the weather conditions.

Teri in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, Teri again, I was wondering if all the rainfall and snow amounts could make the quakes worse?

Anonymous said...

My dogs Sassy and Tyton, put a few minor holes in our window screens. They were taken for walks as well, but did not calm down. We are lucky that they did not do any shredding. They have kept us up at night,all day today we have heard sounds that sound like setteling of the house, everytime there is a creak or somthing dogs go crazy. They seem worried!

Does the earthquake weather have anything to do with the ground being so cold then the warm starts to make things shift? jut a guess.

Now is dinner time for my dogs hope they will eat their food and not mine.
Rach in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

lastnight me and my sister was up watching tv until around 2:30am
and we did not feel a thing but are little dog who we call willie
was up and down all the time. I felt bad for him and all of are other dog's but there is nothing we can do other then give them love and try to take there minde off of it. We took are dog's to happy hallow today in hope that would work and thay seem to be fine right now but who know's.

Anonymous said...

Love the weather - with the sun and warmth finally arriving (we sure deserve it, after our long, cold, wet winter).

I did not feel the aftershock - I slept right through it (even my cats slept like little logs).

I enjoy your blog and appreciate all the information you give us!

River Lover
West Lafayette