Friday, June 6, 2008

Thunderstorms Erupt in Illinois & Will Be Moving Our Way

The timing of thunderstorms between late this afternoon and evening is still on track. There is a disturbance quickly moving our way from Missouri. This will help break the cap in the atmosphere and spread thunderstorms into our area. The high clouds have dissipated enough to where I think we will still see some wind gusts near 60 mph as these storms race through the area. This will be our main threat. The farther north and west of Lafayette you go the higher the risk of damaging thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes. Extreme northern Indiana and southern Michigan is still my bulleye for this storm. These areas will see the most widespread severe weather and this includes Fort Wayne. We will do cut-ins on the tube as the storms start to move our way. Stay alert and stay tuned for the latest.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike. Do you have an ETA for the front?

Anonymous said...

If you get any flooding or have an water problems after the potential storms, don't forget to call Brenneco Plumbing, the new blog sponsor. We've used them for some basement flooding issues and they were awesome!

Anonymous said...

Mike thanks for the updates. I realize that this is a Weather Blog, and if its okay, I am requesting that all of the bloggers, pause for a moment of slience for the family of Benjamin H. Shaw who was killed in an auto accident June 1st.

His mother Linda Shaw drove a school bus for LSC, in all kinds of weather, she ensured the safty or our children, now today she is burying her son. Let our prayers be with Linda and her family.

Ten years ago she buried a son, that died do to medical reasons now a second child she has to bury!

My thoughts are with You and your Family Linda!


Anonymous said...

Tornado watch just issued for much of northern Indiana. Every county north of Tippecanoe county it looks like.

Those of you in Lafayette are not in the watch at the moment, but in the northern counties of the viewing area you are in a tornado watch. AND AROUND the watch box could include severe weather, so keep an eye on things.

Romney Scaredy Cat said...

I can barely breath !! My husband is in IL. and won't be back for 1 1/2 hr. I don't think that I can get through this ! I can't stop crying ! PLEASE GO AWAY STORMS ! HElp fellow bloggers I am loosing it !

Anonymous said...

Ok the tornado watch is for newton jasper carroll warren benton co.
white cass tipp are not in it romney you are ok so far.

Justin in Lafayette.

Anonymous said...


Watch boxes are for areas "in AND AROUND" the watch area. If you're right next to a watch, you should still be on the lookout.

Anonymous said...

Romney Scaredy Cat: you are not going to lose it! You will have to face storms at some point in life. My father put the fear in me when I was a little girl.. He always freaked out! That was passed on to me.
I was always afraid, and I do admit that I still am at times,however. there is not a thing we can do but have our safty plan, keep calm, I know easier said than done,
We will all stick together on this blog although miles apart. Dont pass your fears on to your children like my father did to me! I will be watching as well as all of the other wonderful bloggers!
AS of now we are right on the line of storms. Stay tuned to Mike he will keep us informed, he is the best.


Anonymous said...

Romney SC, you really have to put this in perspective. Mike is saying 60mph wind gusts. Hurricanes can have sustained winds over 100mph for hours and hours. Our weather should not be that bad. Coming from the East Coast, I know this Indiana weather is crazy, and I hate it too and get nervous. I have 4 young children at home to look after while my husband is at work too, trying to get all in the basement at the same time is nearly impossible. Just relax and be strong, it is out of your control. Prepare yourself and do what you can to be as safe as possible. I don't know how military wives (or husbands) can cope alone for months at a time with this weather or any other stressful situation. You can do this. Good luck!