Friday, June 6, 2008

Debris clouds may help lower risk of severe weather

A couple quick notes for you: the debris clouds overhead this morning are from a squall line that died out overnight. These clouds ruined many storm chases over the Plains yesterday. I hope it ruins our chances of seeing any widespread severe weather and I think it will. The areas that did not see debris clouds overspread the sky this morning are areas of most concern for the more widespread severe weather later today and tonight.....this would include areas near Bloomington and southern Indiana and also areas of extreme northern and eastern Indiana and especially lower Michigan. Those are the two target zones for the worst of the storms today. Those are the favored areas for supercell thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Those heading to Indianapolis for softball today....some good news....more of a broken line of thunderstorms will try to move through this evening and if it does develop it will likely be a quick-mover! Drive safely and stay alert to changing weather conditions.

With this said, we are still in a slight risk of severe weather in both Indinapolis and Lafayette and the prime time for development will be between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. The main threats will be wind damage and large hail. I will continue to closely monitor the situation for you. Right now I am optimistic we will dodge the worst of the storms, but it is a guarded optimism.


Anonymous said...

I am up in Syracuse today near NWS Northern IN. SPC got rid of the moderate risk today but we didn't have debris clouds and the sun has been out all morning with strong 20+ mph sustained winds. Temps are already into the 80s and dew points approaching in short I'm thinking we will have a severe outbreak up this way later today!

Anonymous said...

I know you will keep us updated Mike, right now the temp is 85, humidity is at 60 and dew points 67, My weather station just showed a wind gust of 37mph. I hope we stay in the slight risk of storms.

Finally feels like wonderful Summer, I like the hot temps! But the pollen count is so darn high, doing a lot of sneezing!


Anonymous said...

My power went off again, Called the electirc co, they said at this time there are reports of power outages In tipp co. due to high winds. Hope this is not a sign of things to come!

Anonymous said...

Here in lafayette are current temp is at 85.5* humidity is at 60% and are dew point is at 68* with wind gusts as high as 33mph comeing out of the SSW.

Justin in lafayette.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone needs to pay more attention to this situation. NWS Central Illinois says that the 4KM WRF model is handling the forecast the best...and this model pegs the Wabash Valley in Indiana as the target with greatest risk for severe weather later today.

Anonymous said...

My neighbors basketball hoop blew over, I had to chase my trash can around!

To "Ankle a hurtin" how is that ankle doing today????

This wind really is worse than yesterday, I a surprised we dont have an adviorisy, The poor birds are even having problems!

Anonymous said...

My weather station says the temp is 89, and it is in the shade!