Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Day that Never Ended & The Storms that Will Not Go Away!

It felt like Florida humidity this evening and it was like somebody lit a match and the atmosphere ignited in an instant. Notice the explosion of storms between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. We knew there were no guarantees in this set-up. The amazing part was that we had no storm damage here at home and only dime size hail reported in Fowler. We are certainly counting our blessings, but beware of flooding today. Not far from home they were not as lucky as you see below.

My daughter took this picture using her cell phone, the evening of June 3rd 2008 while on duty at Camp Atterbury Indiana. Her platoon is currently serving their 2 week summer training. She had called me, her mother to state that she was ok, and that the men's barracks (next to the women's barracks, where she and fellow guards were) had been hit by the tornado in the picture. She also stated that there were no injuries, that everyone was well.
Photographer: Private Lindsey Martin - Indiana National Guard (Lafayette)

Here are more pictures courtesy of our sister station WISH TV-8.

Jeff Scott from Shelby County captures this monster. It looks like at least an EF-2 tornado. Time will tell.
Dandy Garcia shows the Shelbyville funnel.

Be careful of flooding this morning and I do think we could easily see another 1 to 2 inches of rain on top the inch of rain we have had at WLFI. We could still be rocked with a strong storm this morning with the warm front in our vicinity. We may get a nice break in the action by later this evening through much of Friday. Talk to you soon and Kelly has you covered. She is sending me home!! What day is it?


Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is ok and got a good nights rest. We got 1.75 inches of rain here in lafayette by the fairground. Right now we look alot better. Still though we could see some HVY to SCT-thunderstorms later if you look at the radar there is some systems just to the west and south west of ILL, so if this moves are way then I'll let you know...

Justin in Lafayette.

Brow said...

I was so wired last night and ended up staying up till about 1am watching the weather. Now, I am here at work...bobbing for apples. :D

So, I think its time for a weather radio!

Can anyone make any suggestions? I would like to have one that I could keep on my night stand and be able to adjust the volume of the alarm. Since my head will be right next to it, it doesn't have to wake the neighbors dogs, etc.

Also, will the alarm go off for every announcement and alert in Indiana or can I set it for just surrounding areas?

Click my name and it will take you to the one at walmart that I am looking into.

law said...

To Brow:

We got our weather radio at Radio Shack. We love it. You can adjust both the level of the alarm and the sound level of the broadcast. Additionally, you can program it to alert you for only the counties in which you are interested. For example, we live in northern Clinton County. We have our radio alert us to Tippecanoe, Clinton, and Carroll counties.

Anonymous said...

Thank you mike for all the updates last night and thank you for your precast as well.

Justin in laf.

Anonymous said...

I ordered weather radio on line from walmart. cheaper to do that way, also very fast shipment, only took a couple of day,for to receive.,.99 cents shipping and handling. Also if you are not happy you can return to any Walmart, just take in your receipt!Make sure what you purchase has a battery backup. My weather alarm can be programed for voice or alarm with volume control.

Anonymous said...

Was in interesting night to say the least.Power was off for a short amount of time.
I need to get a good rain gauge! have no clue how much rain we had I just know at times it was coming down in sheets, Could hardly see a few houses down from me. AT one point I thought I heard hail, but the lightning was so vivid that I stayed away from the windows. So cant really report on that.

All be safe today, and hope Scardy Cat in Romney gets through her B-day party for her baby.And she gets a weather radio. By the way Scardy Cat, I slept on the sofa, not upstairs with everyone else. Slept with one eye open like most parents do!(well with what little sleep I did get)

Justin is was nice that we could keep each other, and all informed of what was going on in town, sounds like we both live near the same area, strange that you were getting rain ect. before we did. Did you lose power? If you live near the fairgrounds then I am only about 5 mins, north of you.
By the sound of the weather forcast for today, we may need to keep an eye on the sky, radar and MIKES blog.

Thanks Mike and all

Anonymous said...

No we did not lose power I still cant blieve it mike prangley said that downtown lafayette lost power but no we did not. We did get alot of lightning I think that was the worst thing we got as of hail I did not go near the window to look the lightning was to bad. With all the reports from all the blogger's about power I really thought we would have lost power.

Justin in laf.