Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wolves on Ice & Lots of Nice Light Displays to Check Out!

Monty Sloan was born with a lot of talent when it comes to taking pictures and he gives all the credit to nature that was cooperating yesterday evening in Battle Ground. The wolves at Wolf Park were enjoying the sunset on ice. We have not had much sunlight in the month of December with most of us only receiving only about one-third of our possible sunshine in this stormy and cold month. Have you felt a little down. This could be the reason why, especially if you do not like snow. But things are changing for the better as a tranquil pattern is developing. This picture shows the pattern change. Now we will have a good deal of clouds caused by melting snow cover and a couple of Pacific weather systems on the way, but overall we will finally brighten things up in time for Christmas and the last week of 2007. A lot of us our dreaming of a Bright Christmas this year and I think we will get it and we certainly deserve after all of those dark, dismal days we have had this month.

Thanks to Chris Hoover

Another thing that will help brighten your life will be some great light displays you need to check out. One of course is the Hoover display you see above. It is located in the River Bluff neighborhood on Greenview Drive in Battle Ground. The thousands of beautiful lights are synchronized to music and you can donate money to a worthy charity. You need to check it out for yourself. It is for your enjoyment during the week until 9:30 p.m. On weekends you can check it out until midnight and up until 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Chris and Angela Hoover are great people and I had the honor of sitting with them at a Christmas Party this year. They put a lot of time and effort into this light display every year and this year they really need your support to help their charity of choice. They are behind last year's pace of raising money but I am sure you can help them make it up in a hurry. Again you do not have to donate, but after you see the lights I think you will want to help make a difference and will be in the giving spirit. Here is more information that Chris just sent me.

Hi Mike,
I have set up a web site with some info about the display (times, station, etc). There is a link to map-quest, which has our address already filled in as the destination. The simplest description is 1.5 miles North East of Battle Ground, in River Bluff sub-division. Our web address is .
As for the charity part, we are doing a couple things this year. We had set aside this past weekend (Dec 14-16) as "Battle Ground STPS" weekend, meaning that anything we collected last weekend would go back to the Student, Teacher, Parent, Staff organization at Battle Ground Elementary. Since the weather last weekend more than likely kept viewers away, we have extended the collection time for BGE thru this Thursday Evening.

All other donations we receive will be passed on to Lafayette Family Services.
Let me know if you need more info.

Thanks to Randy Rogers

Another light display to check out is the million light display at TPA Park. Randy Rogers went out to snap this picture of the million light display for you last night. They have great food and dazzling lights. Another great display to check out is the famed City of Lights in Kokomo. Have a great day and enjoy the lights and great weather to finish 2007. Make sure to tune in tonight. I have a special family I want you to meet during my weathercast at the Prophetstown Christmas dinner! We have a lot to howl about and be thankful for!

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Emily Smriga said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Mike! I have added these locations to my list of places to visit!

One more to add is the one here in Lafayette on Brookfield Dr. in the subdivision next to Meijer (the Brookfield Dr. in the Saddlebrook neighborhood, not across the street Brookfield Heights subdivision). Great lights set to music - and they changed up the music this year! Always lots of cars enjoying it when I drive by at night. Sorry I don't know the exact address. Merry Christmas!