Saturday, December 15, 2007

Good Morning! Historic Storm Begins With Quick Dusting

8:30 a.m.

Good morning! My wife just got back from the grocery store and it looks like everybody is taking this storm seriously because it is packed! If you are going to go get the bread and milk today you will want to run those errands nice and early. Things will go downhill this afternoon and tonight into Sunday morning travel will not be advised. So heat up a cup of hot chocolate, throw in some marshmallows and witness one of Lafayette's top 10 snowstorms of all time. We have perfect conditions for a monster snowstorm.

I just looked at the latest liquid potential with this system and overnight it got even juicier! We will have about 1.56" liquid and with a snow ratio of 13:1 that comes out to about 20 inches of snow. You can figure out how much snow you expect to add up per 1 inch of liquid by looking at the thermodynamic profile of the atmosphere. Usually for every 1 inch of liquid you receive 10 inches of snow so your snow ratio is 10:1. Well I think it will be higher with this storm. We are going to be in a perfect area of the storm for ice crystal growth which will give us a snow ratio of 12.9 to 1. Now most models overdue the backlash moisture with these systems so it looks like our 10 to 16 inch band is still on target with isolated 20 inch amounts still possible.

I just snapped the first pictures and will post them shortly along with your only local snow forecast model available. Last night our WLFI TV-18 model gave us a solid 14.04" and as just discussed it will likely come in a little bit higher this morning. I want to thank my wife for buying me a bunch of dinners so I can camp out at work with you all. Let it snow, but be safe!


Jeff said...

By watching the radar..Just a layman who really enjoys weather and the prediction of it.It looks to me that most of the moisture is gonna go south of us??? Why does it look that way??? Its 10:05 am...Mike you are a great weather man!!..Jeff@ Defouw's..Ps keep that top up on your

Anonymous said...

Ok my friend and I are having different feelings and thoughts on this snowstorm. She is saying let it snow, let it snow! while I am still in shock!! It is amazing how we can go from an early snow fall prediction of 2 to 4 inches to now a possible 16 inches. Of course this is Indiana but WOWWWWW.