Friday, December 14, 2007

Storm Update Shows Vicious Snowstorm With One Foot Possible

2:00 p.m. The models are going nuts!!

I will have more details coming up shortly including a new accumulation map...two models came in with close to one foot of snow for Lafayette. Other models have us in a solid 6 to 8 inch band so as a result I have upped totals close to 10 inches with 12" possible in some isolated locations. Time to go get the milk and bread. I still think the worst part of the storm will be tomorrow night and Sunday morning. I will check back with you!


buttsniffer said...
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aaron said...

It's about time it snowed. I haven't even got to go sledding this winter.

pattiwatti said...

Mike, we're sitting in our school office wondering if we'll have a "snow" day on Monday? We could use an extra shopping day.

windy_in_attica said...

i am the only snowbunny i know of, so i am elated that i could see more snow then the blizzard of last year!!! give me good news at 11 will yuh mike??