Friday, December 21, 2007

Nice Mild Finish to Autumn But Winter Comes in Squirrelly

Today will be our warmest day in about 3 weeks and it will even be warmer for the first full day of winter on Saturday. But do not get used to it. We are tracking 5 storms in the next 2 weeks and we may even have some light snow accumulations this weekend after some rumbles of thunder! That could make it two weekends in a row with thunder! Join me tonight for the latest on this and all your travel weather. I will see you soon! In the meantime I have a squirrel update for you.


Earl the squirrel says he is ready for the melt down. He has gotten to were he doesn't like being in the snow. Today he decided to sit on top of the truck for for while. Give Earl what he wants.

Heidi Cobleigh

Thanks Heidi. Tell Earl it is not even winter yet so it is too early to be complaining. The weather is Earl's fault to begin with as I said here on the blog a few days ago. Earl was the busy one gathering food and telling us some real cold and snowy weather was on the way. Since I have been ecstatic with the snow I can give Earl a two day break but nothing more. Santa needs a little snow for the sled to land on and Earl will have to be in the truck with the heat on by Sunday with temperatures falling through the 20s with snow showers and blustery conditions. It certainly looks like a squirrelly start to winter!


Anonymous said...

Hey MIke, Will we see a other winter storm this winter? I hope this wasnt all. :):)

Keep up updated Mike!

Anonymous said...

Can we get an update mike? Hows next week going to be? Will this be the last snow of the year?


Dom said...

Storms this weekend will be fast and flat thus weak areas of low pressure swinging through an active track from TX to OV. Nothing major.

The GFS continues to advertise some kind of storm spinning up the Lakes/OV. However it's quite fast and jetstream flattens out west. Bears watching in the next several days.

Could be interesting this weekend in future runs.

Also there is a great weather discussion forum.