Monday, December 24, 2007

A Nice Quiet Christmas Eve to Enjoy

I know that many of us snow fans wanted a White Christmas but we really should not be complaining. We have had over 13 inches of snow this month. This is caused more than our fair share of travel trouble. But this year we will not have to worry about getting to Grandma's house. It was a different story however in 2002. Lafayette was lambasted with more than 7 inches of snow. It was our snowiest Christmas Even on record and folks did have trouble just getting out of their driveways! I remember it took more than 2 hours to drive through Chicago on my way up to Wisconsin. The roads were more like beaches there were so much snow on them and I am talking about the actual interstate. Now if you are wondering who will have a White Christmas take a look below.

Much of the country including a good portion of Missouri will have a White Christmas. One thing that is noticeable is much of the West is covered in snow. That is due to our pattern doing a flip-flop. The big trough we have had over us bringing us a lot of snow the last couple weeks has certainly shifted to the West. While we have ridging in our neck of the woods that has helped melt over 10 inches of snow in just 7 days. But we can look on the bright side and that is we will have a nice bright sunny Christmas even though it is our cloudiest month of the year. Another silver lining in our lifting clouds will be good travel weather for those heading to Detroit for the Motor City Bowl. Ford Field is indoors so you should be comfortable for the game, but the hard part is usually getting there. Well, this year no problems are expected! Here is the latest forecast for Detroit.

We can certainly consider this nature's gift to us for Christmas. It certainly doesn't get any better than this for travelers this time of year. So make sure to be safe and keep checking in with us here on the weather blog and tube. I wish you the best of holidays and now it is time to finish some Christmas wrapping. The shopping is finally finished as of 1 p.m. today. Merry Christmas!

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