Thursday, December 6, 2007

No Rest for the Weary, More Snow on the Way Tonight

Keep the snow shovels and golden snow shovels out. We have more snow on the way tonight. I am actually a little sore today after shoveling out our lucky golden snow shovel contest winner's two driveways and sidewalk. You can see the proof that I actually did go out and shovel yesterday. What a workout! I was actually sweating and was out of breath at one point. It is a good reminder to make sure to take frequent breaks while shoveling because only 15 minutes of shoveling is the equivlent of sprinting a mile to the human body. You also want to shovel from the knees and not the back. Push the snow as much as possible instead of lifting heavy amounts. I took a much needed break by making a snow angel. It was one of the better ones I have made as you see below. Yes, this is a heavenly pattern for all meteorologists.

Carlene Linn of Lafayette was our winner. She was one of 20 folks that picked December 5th as the day Lafayette would have the first one inch or more of snow. If I had more time I would have helped shovel all 20 of you out but there is only 24 hours in a day and they would let me only pick one winner. So congratulations to not only Carlene but to all of you that picked December 5th and submitted forecasts. We had over 300 entries in the contest which was way up over last year! I also wanted to thank our sponsor Mad Mushroom Pizza. The owner and I both know it does not get much better than enjoying a good old-fashioned snow with pizza.

You see a picture of the famous shovel. The magical golden snow shovel did a great job as well. It is not how much snow you get, but the shovel you use. This thing cut right through the snow and ice. I may have to put it on the market. It would turn everybody in to snow fans! Speaking of snow shovels, if you are tired you may want to get out the snow blowers. There is no rest for the weary as this active pattern is expected to continue. Here were all the snow totals across the area yesterday along with how much more snow is on the way. Thanks again for making it a special day yesterday! It should be a fun winter.

Our first snow was a beautiful snow and it was a wet snow so it stuck to the trees. It made for a beautiful scene in Attica as Richard Beetle shows us above. Rochester had a little more snow thanks to some lake enhancement. The state's highest snow total was in La Porte where they had 7 inches of snow.

Cindy Lundstrom of Lafayette snapped this picture of our state bird, the Cardinal, huddling in a tree during the snowstorm. This picture belongs in a calendar. Great job Cindy!

Here is our preliminary snow forecast for tonight and early Friday morning. I will zoom in on your hometowns tonight and fine-tune this for you. Check back here on the blog and tune in for more. Thanks for the all the great pictures and keep them coming. Have a great day!

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