Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weather Team is Here & Battening Down the Hatches

11:00 a.m.

Kelly, Lee Ann, and I are all looking at BUFKIT data and of course your very own WLFI snow model. The latest numbers are still through the roof and we are getting prepared to be snowed in. Even though it does not look bad outside right now this storm is going to be a beast. I still see snowfall rates of 2 inches of snow per hour close to midnight tonight and the only change in the storm is that there may be even more wind involved. So blizzard conditions are possible and it is possible that some counties in our viewing area could be upgraded to a blizzard warning. Who would have thought we could have 2 blizzards in the same year. Okay now here is the latest on the WLFI snow model....

It just came in close to 14" of snow with a maximum snowfall in our area of 20.4 inches. We will keep checking back in with you. Remember to run those errands as soon as possible. We will have things deteriorating quickly this afternoon and tonight. Wind gusts could easily reach 40 to 45 mph by Sunday morning at 10 a.m. So travel will not be advised tonight and much of Sunday. Be safe. Remember to send in pictures and stories and we will share them along with the latest forecast here on the weather blog.


germangirl57 said...

Thanks all of you for your reports it's really helps people, stay safe

Mrs. Crutch said...

Thank you for being right on this. The national weather channel only seems to care about Boston and Rochester, NY.

Anonymous said...

And...The Weather Channel keeps saying 2-4 inches. well, even if you add them all up it comes to only 8-11 inches. Yay Mike, Yay Mike, Yay Mike.

I'll bet Ross REALLY wishes he was here! Glad to know you are all aboard at the station to guide us through. I pray nobody loses power with the winds.

Mary Anne