Sunday, December 16, 2007

3 Foot Drifts Being Reported With Blizzard Conditions

Here at WLFI it is just tough to walk and even talk outside. We have blizzard conditions with wind gusts just in at 35 mph and visibilities being reduced to less than a quarter mile. There is much more wind with this storm than the Blizzard back in February which makes it worse in many ways. Snow and wind do not mix very well in Indiana and the wind will not diminish until late today and early this evening. Travel is not advised. I will post updated totals right after our TV cut-in.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mike for following this storm so closely. Great coverage and the people of greater Lafayette are lucky to have you looking out for us. We have about a good 8-9 inches here at our house in central Lafayette, but of course hard to measure with the wind, but it's deep. My mini schnauzer just about got gobbled up by the snow when she when out this morning! My daughter is having fun in it as well. Thank You!!!!