Friday, December 14, 2007

Latest Numbers Keep Going Higher...Snow Shovels May Not Be Enough

8:30 p.m.

This storm is reminding me more and more of the blizzard of 2007. Every time we look at a new map that comes in there is even more moisture to work with. Here is your latest snow totals and timeline. This storm is going to draw up a ton of moisture, including remnants of Tropical Storm Olga. As a result, I have upped our snow totals as you see below. There could be a couple areas closer to 14 inches of snow from Miami County to Fort Wayne.

One model did have a 12 to 16 inch band of snow cutting straight through our area from northwest Ohio through Attica. But I still feel the best chance of thundersnow and the best dynamics with this system will be just to our northeast. So if you are in Miami County watch out! You may receive more snow from this system than the blizzard of 2007. Check back here on the blog late tonight and I will go over blizzard criteria with you and if this storm has a chance of being a blizzard. I will also have an update at 11 p.m. on snow amounts and here on the blog late tonight. At the rate things are going we may all be buried in snow for days to come. I am making arrangement for having food here at the station along with my other weather team members Kelly and Lee Anne. I will bring the cookies, chips, and soda of course. You just send in those great weather pictures and snow totals and I think we are all ready! Speaking of food, I better go eat at least for a couple minutes.


Anonymous said...

Wow, 00Z NAM has over 1.5" of liquid equivalent by noon Sunday! Another amazing storm. You guys keep up the great work! From: Mike Baldwin

Bryan said...

Mike: Great job on the weather blog and the continued updates!

indigo said...

Mike: Thank you for your great forecasts and predictions. I live in Kokomo and I am greatful we have you, Kelley and Lee Ann to cover our county.