Saturday, December 15, 2007

WLFI SNOW MODEL cranks out 14" for Lafayette, 19" for Peru

1:09 a.m.

It really is tough to get to sleep when your model data is this impressive, but I wanted to give you one last update before I turn in. The WLFI snow model just cranked out 14.04 inches for Lafayette with totals just over 19" near Peru. This is our Weather Team 18 model that takes all the factors we look at when forecasting a snowstorm and turns it into a mathematical formula that cranks out a forecast for snowfall. A special thanks to Meteorologist Ross Ellet, a Purdue graduate that helped make this formula a reality. Purdue has a great meteorology program that is for sure! Ross says hello from West Virginia and is doing really well at his station in Beckley, although he really wishes he could be here for this storm. We miss you Ross. I am not sure who is going to hold me up in the snowdrift tomorrow night. It is going to be tough! This storm looks to be one for the history books. I better get some rest. This time for real! Sweet dreams!


Anonymous said...

HI ROSS!! We wish you were here for this one, too!
Hey you guys...we really dont NEED ALL our snow allotment at ONCE, LOL!! Wow....I have my eyes on radar and it is coming as I type!

Mary Anne

Anonymous said...

Where is the snow???????