Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nature Spares us the Worst of the Ice Again!

There is no blocking high pressure like we saw over the weekend so get ready for mainly rain and lots of it. Flooding will be our biggest threat over a rock hard ground. Notice on our accumulation map that even though our northern tier counties are in a Winter Storm Watch I expect very little if any ice accumulations thanks to temperatures that will start to rise overnight. The only sign of any big storms will likely hold off until the weekend, but I cannot promise you we will see much in the way of sunshine. So the least I can do is share a few icy pictures that will really light up the screen. They look almost like paintings! Here were some of my favorite. I appreciate all of the pictures you send in and cannot thank you enough.

Richard Beetle found some flowing water at Williamsport Falls which is also known as Indiana's tallest waterfall.

Monty Sloan shows one of the wolves at Wolf Park trying to jump up and knock ice off the trees. The wolves love ice and I learned that they apparently are great jumpers.

Cassandra Schomer shows us a frozen penguin with a beak full of icicles. This is the first time I have ever seen a penguin look cold!

Dennis Massie shows us Boswell, Indiana's Hawthorne trees looked like they were full of jewelry or at least nature's jewels!

Joseph Linn shows us some more iced berries!

Jerry Matthews woke up to a tree on Canal Road that was highlighted in fine ice. The freezing fog added that little extra touch to really make it look like a postcard picture.

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