Monday, December 3, 2007

Ice Scrapers & Wet Dogs Give Way to Snow Shovels

The Lafayette Christmas Parade was a lot of fun and one of the warmest parade days ever with highs near 60. Not even occasional heavy rain showers could stop Indiana's largest Christmas parade. You see our WLFI TV-18 family posing before the parade. We had a lot of fun out in the rain and the best part is I did not have to wear a coat for the first time in the 8 years I have been in the parade. Where was my family? Well, they were the smart ones and huddled in the mini-van until the parade began. My 3 daughters, BJ the weather dog, and their friend Kirsten were all smiles as you can see.

Now there actually was a short break in the rain for about 10 minutes as the parade began which was nice. BJ our family dog took it all in and enjoyed the walk. He usually does not like the rain and he did much better than I thought. Here is a funny picture of how he looked after the parade. I made sure to give him some extra treats when we got home.

Poor guy! But really he was fine and we made sure we wrapped him in a blanket to keep him warm. Now the big news in the weather department this week will be two shots of snow over the next 4 days and we could have a winner in the golden shovel contest. I have my shovel ready to shovel the lucky winner's house. I do not see a big snowstorm coming, but it will be enough to shovel and cause slick roads like we saw on Saturday afternoon. Here is a picture of the sleet and freezing rain mixture on our table in the backyard.

Make sure to join me tonight for the latest on our first real snow of the season. The Lafayette Christmas Parade is considered the beginning of winter and the holiday season and it will certainly look and feel like it for the next few days. I will see you soon and make sure to post snow amounts and the clipper track here on the blog for you tomorrow with blog updates as needed tomorrow night and Wednesday morning. Have a great day and hopefully you are all dried out!

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