Monday, December 10, 2007

Thunder Freezing Rain Glazes Lafayette

What a wild weekend! We all had an early wake-up call with thunder in December! Are you kidding, this is not Florida and it was only 31 degrees! We had what is called thunder freezing rain which shook the area and coated us in thick ice. This is another way of saying you have a thunderstorm with freezing rain. Check out the radar lighting up like a Christmas tree which is certainly appropriate for the season. This was possible
with freezing temperatures because we actually had huge amounts of heat being released into the atmosphere with tremendous amounts of condensation due to a sub-tropical flow moving over our cold dome of air. This created plenty of rising air and this vacuum effect lit our skies up with lightning. I received amazing pictures from the storm and cannot thank you enough. I did want to share this igloo picture with you which was sent in just before the ice storm. Take a look!

The Blacker Igloo

What a great job! Jacob was a big help to his Dad and it took 350 blocks of snow. It is safe to say after this weekend the igloo is now an icegloo! Tonight it does look like the worst of the ice will miss us and I will post forecast amounts shortly. I am still recovering from the weekend but I am a marathoner and will get my second wind, especially in this kind of pattern. I will be back after a quick water break.

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