Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Our Warmest in 5 Years!

You can see Lauren and her Pre-School class had a great party. The scary part is they already loaded up on a ton of candy even before they all go trick or treating tonight. I may have to help Lauren eat all that candy. I am all sugared up so watch out! I look forward to heading out to the Mall for the shows tonight. I am still working on my costume. I can tell you there will be a lot of cars flying around and even a cow. That is the only hint I can give you.

Today we will hit 70 as expected. In a typical year our chances of hitting 70 degrees or above is less than 20%. But the percentages are on our side this year and I do not see any monster fronts we normally see this time of year. So enjoy more above average temperatures this weekend with 60s back in the forecast. The pattern looks like something out of August and it is so warm we may even have a pop up thunderstorm this weekend. Wow! I will have more on this tonight and check back with you here on the blog soon. One more tidbit, if you like warm weather soak as much of it up while you can, next weekend will likely bring highs in the 40s with possible snow flurries and it does look like November will turn cloudy and unsettled in a hurry by late next week. For now though all is good. Remember to turn those clocks back one hour on Saturday night before you go to bed and change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Now I had better get some help with my costume. LOL

The answer to yesterday's blog question is below. We actually had a fire-ball type of shooting star called a bolide. We do not have a major meteor shower going on but this weekend keep an eye to the sky for a few more shooting stars moving east to west after sunset until just before dawn. The minor Orionid meteor shower will
continue through Sunday night. We average about 6 shooting stars on average per hour and that number could be closer to 10. Happy star-gazing! It does look like the best viewing conditions will be tonight and once again Sunday night. Here are a few more tidbits for you below.

Halloween costume update: I was a tornado tonight!! My four year-old Lauren covered the entire block. Her older two sister had friends they trick or treated with so at least I still have my little Lauren! It was the nicest Halloween I could remember here in Indiana and folks were all in a great mood and it was very noticeable. Julie and I got a thank you note from one of the trick or treaters for the candy. This I have never seen! The wolves at Wolf Park were also in a great mood and it would not be Halloween without a picture and note from Monty Sloan. Enjoy!

Hi Mike,

Tonight we had our Howlloween Howlnight program and the wolves were in a howling good mood J Sorry I could not resist. Here is a photo of Tristan and Kailani, the alpha male and alpha female howling along with the audience.

- Monty -

What a great shot! I was howling over the weather too! We reached 70 degrees as forecasted so I celebrated by dressing up tonight as a tornado. Now some folks have never seen somebody dress up as a tornado. So here is what I did. I wrapped black cloth around me and cut a few small holes in it so I could tie knots with yarn. Of course I attached cars and even a cow on one end of the yarn so when I spun around there would be flying cars and a cow. It was a simple concept that worked really well. A big thanks to our anchor Niccole Caan, Steve Clark in promotions, and Kim Caldwell our morning producer for helping me put it all together. It took a village this year to get me ready for Halloween that is for sure! A special thank you to Gail Huff for the great idea that was called in to me last night after the 11 p.m. show. I always talk to such interesting people not only via e-mail but over the phone and last night was no exception.

Last year I dressed up as "partly cloudy with a chance of showers" but being a tornado surpassed all my expectations. Our Halloween forecast has certainly blown everybody away this year. So I was a friendly tornado that blew in some great weather despite the flying objects around me. But this is a good reminder that we have had tornadoes in Indiana every single month of the year and they are not friendly at all like me. Now enjoy a weekend forecast that will blow you away and I will post a few more pictures here on the blog that sum up what a wonderful Halloween it was and our great start to November! Make sure to check back.


boilermom said...

Beautiful day here in Remington!! Got some yard work done, ready for the winter.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL! The kids are going to be out in force, and what a beautiful evening for it!

All be safe, and dont get a belly ache from all that candy.

And in case you are not aware, the Day of the Dead is a celebration that occurs on the 1st and 2nd of November,mainly in Mexico. A cool thing to study.

Teri in Laf.

Anonymous said...

WOW what a crazy night!!!!! LOL I was sitting out front handing out candy to all the kids and only the teens did I scare!!!!! But let me tell you thouse girls can scream!!!!! LOL it was sooo funny one girl got at least a foot from my face and said ( Oh for a sec I thought he was real) And then went for some candy which was sitting on my lap! You see where this is going ! I jumped up and she went flying!!!!! LOL it was sooo funny! :-)

Happy Halloween Bloggers and Mike!!!!!

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

Yes Justin it has been a busy night with trick or treaters, and most are cute, however with this warm weather, many kids are wondering the streets unsupervised.

My car was just egged! along with my neighbors cars! Some kids are just down right rotten!

sorry to be a put down on halloween:((((

Anonymous said...

I know you get good kids and some bad ones that just ruin it for all others!

Thankfully nothing like that has happened to us.

That is the only down side to Halloween!

Night bloggers! Sleep well

Justin in Lafayette