Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here Comes Indian Summer & A Doggy Delight!

Hey Mike, with Halloween being only 3 days away I thought I would send you a Halloween picture of Willie my sisters Chihuahua and My Rat terrier, Dobby,

Happy Halloween!!
Justin New.....

Thanks Justin, your Chihuahua should have been in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Willie would have stood out from the hundreds of chihuahua's in that movie. My daughter's and I loved it. It is a must see along with your great picture above. Dobby is sporting a great look too!

Weather Headlines: We are Going from a Dog Eat Dog Weather Pattern to A Doggy Dog Delight!

Lafayette dogs were not the only ones ready for GQ magazine. The Williamsport dogs are all fired up for Halloween! Here is a picture sent in by Sherry Morrison. From left to right you have Gracie, Misti, and Jenny! Those look like the friendliest witches I have ever seen. Definitely those are good witches you see above.

There is no better place to be a meteorologist than Indiana. If you are looking for variety and great weather to track there is no place like home. A good example is this week's forecast when we will go from lows in the 20s and then have highs jump to the 70s within 50 hours like we will see from Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon. We have real Indian summer on the way! Check out the official definition on

Indian summer:

"spell of warm weather after the first frost," first recorded 1778, Amer.Eng., perhaps so called because it was first noted in regions inhabited by Indians, or because the Indians first described it to the Europeans. No evidence connects it with the color of fall leaves or a season of Indian attacks on settlements. It is the Amer.Eng. version of British All-Hallows summer, Fr. été de la Saint-Martin (feast day Nov. 11), etc. Also colloquial was St. Luke's summer (or little summer), period of warm weather occurring about St. Luke's day (Oct. 18).

The meteorological definition is one that talks about a warm spell usually more than 10 degrees above average after a hard freeze. A hard freeze is when temperatures drop to 28 degrees or lower. In addition, our average highs drop into the upper 50s as we end October. We certainly meet the criteria on both counts.

Yesterday you can see signs of the Siberian Express in the Lafayette sky above. It has charged our way with a strong northwest flow this week. You see the cirrus clouds blowing in from the North. Lucky for us it is not January or highs would have struggled into the teens with lows below zero. It could have been a whole lot worse. At least the early bird voters that went to the polls yesterday did not have to fight up to 20 inches of snow that fell near Utica, New York! We took our own early bird weather poll yesterday of folks ready for a warmer change. Do you want four more months of this? Check out who won below.

It was a landslide and it looks like the majority will get their wish without a doubt. In fact, we have better chances of thunderstorms over the next 7 days than snow. As fast as gas prices are falling the temperatures are rising! At least the colder weather and snow fans got some quality time in before the warmer changes move in. Julie Krizen our reporter from Sarasota, Florida was amazed at the light dusting of snow she found this morning before work. She even made a little snowball. This of course was more like a few squished snowflakes that were the size of her pinky nail, but by Florida standards we will give her credit for making a snowball. This is something she has only been able to do a couple times in her entire life so she actually may have been more excited about the snow than I was which is saying a lot!

I plugged in numbers to the homemade WLFI forecast model and it actually likes lower 70s for highs on Friday. So no more talk of snow for now. Somebody told me today we are the only television station forecasting close to 70 on Friday. This is the way I like it! It is just another reason to watch WLFI and as I always like to say the weather really is much different than Indianapolis and we plug in totally different numbers than they do thanks to our local weather watchers, cloud and wind observations, precipitation amounts, WEATHER BLOGGERS, etc. It is a team effort. We appreciate your trust and viewership. I may run hard in marathons but it is nature that pushes me the hardest and it is what makes this job so much fun!

Our new web-site was launched yesterday that now includes LIGHTNING TRACKER but keep in mind it will take another good week before everything is up and running so the weather ticker will be added along with our paragraph of weather which will include your local forecast focus. For now the 7 day forecast to look at or really believe would be the one on our home page with the nice blue background. The text 7 day forecast on the weather page is not done by us and this will change by Friday when we will manually update it by hand with some text added. It is another example of how the companies do not work too well when it comes to forecasting the weather. We will also start adding video web weather again ASAP. Please send any other thoughts and ideas or feedback my way so we can truly serve you. You are what really matters. If you are not satisfied either am I.

Have a great day. I am putting the finishing touches on the winter forecast today and will have the latest on how our local forecast will be much different than what is coming out of the Climate Prediction Center. I used some of their thinking as a guide and then fine-tuned it with our local weather data to come up with a much clearer weather picture. We were talking snow before Halloween and got I am talking about a 95% chance of a White Christmas. Our winter is being called a La Nada which means "nothing" but it will have a whole lot of "everything". I will let you think about it and have the dogs chew on it until tonight's newscast. I look forward to seeing you here on the blog first thing on Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I like the new WLFI web page And all the new weather maps like lightning tracker.....

I think WLFI dose a GREAT job one of the BEST!!!!!It really is a team deal.....

I have no idea why I'M up at
1:35am..... LOL :-)

Have a great day Bloggers.....

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

I'M sure My sister would have loved to have Willie in Beverly Hills Chihuahua LOL!!!!! :-)

Both Dobby and Willie have almost the same markings the only differences is one is a rat terrier and the other is a chihuahua. We have taken them for walk's and I could not tell you how many people thought Dobby was Willie's dad! I thought that was funny!!!!! :-)

Have a great day everybody..... Mike I'M likeing the 95% chance of a white Christmas!!!!! It is
3:24am. Well off to bed.....

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

I agree with Justin! I really like the new format on WLFI site! Enjoy these beautiful days everyone.


boilermom said...

I too have a rat terrior named Anna! I just love her to death,this breed make ideal pets!
Loved your pics!

Brow said...

I'm happy to see some good weather for Friday...trick-or-treat night!

Yep, well done on the site. Its kind of inspiring and may help me with my new site design in the future. :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We're happy to see the Friday forecast.

We wanted to do a little painting out of doors and thought we'd have to wait until Spring!

Although I think my husband was hoping he could wait to do anymore outside work until Spring. Perhaps I should not say WE are happy.

Anonymous said...

Cute dogs Justin, and all! My dogs have been silly lately. Barking at the wind, cuddling up at night, I caught one that thought he would sneak a sucker out of the candy dish.

I am glad to hear of warmer temps for Halloween. I love walking the neighborhood, with all the kids, hope they can show off their fancy costumes with out freezing:)

Today was beautiful, pretty blue sky and refreshing cool air.

Teri in Laf

Anonymous said...

We put our Halloween lights up last night and I can hardly wait to set up the inflatables Friday afternoon. The warm temps will be great, but I hope that it's not as windy as it's been the last few days or the inflatables may blow away in spite of being staked into the ground LOL! Bring your girls over to our neck of the woods, Mike! It's going to be a bit of a show :-)

Cheryl in Brookfield Heights

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your Optimistic thoughts for this winter, i know im 2 hours south here in Bloomington but it still gives me hope of a white winter! I say "no gracias" to "la nada". (No thanks to nothing)

Bloomington, IN