Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Temperatures Plunge into the 20s, Chills for Boo at the Zoo Tonight!!

This was the scene this morning at Congress Street United Methodist Church where there was frost on the pumpkins. We had our coldest morning since April 15th and as forecasted most of us had a freeze last night. Here are a few of those impressive lows! Professor Boots the famous WLFI blog cat had the right idea last night by staying warm near the fireplace.

Other low temperatures around the area:
Rensselaer 30
Kokomo 30
Medaryville 31
Chalmers 31
Remington 31
Lafayette 32
West Lafayette 34

Notice how one temperature sticks out like a sore thumb. That is right West Lafayette where Lafayette's official temperature is taken actually did not reach freezing. This was caused by an east wind at 5 to 10 mph that set up throughout the night. This wind flow blowing over the warmer city of Lafayette before reaching the official thermometer down wind (concrete and buildings hold heat) caused a heat island effect. This is a warming effect on the atmosphere near ground level and it is greater at night than during the day. It is also more noticeable as we head further into autumn and winter than it is during the summer months. It has messed with our forecasts here at WLFI more than once. I notice it more when we forecast bitter cold air masses. Some ar
eas hit well below zero while Lafayette is several degrees warmer. The wind direction here is key along with all the man-made objects. Just something to think about.
Regardless, it still wasn't a killing freeze last night. This happens when air temperatures reach 28 or lower so the mosquitoes are not done with us yet and I do think we will see at least two more warm spells before real winter sets in. No sign of warm weather though tonight. It will not be the temperatures as much as the wind chills as they fall into the middle 20s. This will make it feel like the coldest night of the season. I look forward to heading to Columbian Park for the start of the Boo at the Zoo and will be wearing my layers. It wouldn't be a Boo without a few chills!

At least the rain will hold off until Friday. So off to the train ride I go and I will check back in with you soon and we will take a look at our snow flurry chances Sunday night into early Monday. I do not think we will need the snow shovels but we will get a little taste of winter. Have a great evening or should I say a bootiful one!


Annie said...

Is that the same kitty who was rescued from under the weather deck?

Anonymous said...

Everybody get out another blanket for your beds tonight!!!!! This is what I love the cold cold nights!!!!!

Justin in Lafayette.