Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spotty Frost Sighted in our Area & The Weekend Still Looks Fantastic!

I am just checking in with you a little extra fired up today. I just got off the phone with my Wisconsin weather watchers and they have a brisk breeze up in Oshkosh after a few rain showers. This is moving our way for Friday. While it may not be the real beneficial rain my lawn is looking for we will take every little bit of rain we can get at this point. How big is our rainfall deficit in the past few weeks? I will have your answer tonight and post it here on the blog as well.

I am also excited about a couple isolated reports of some frost on the pumpkin this morning. There was a nice little pocket that cleared out nicely in portions of Fountain, Montgomery, and Tippecanoe County as you can see above. Even though 95% of the area was frost-free it was a reminder that our house plants will have to come in soon....but how soon? Will we have to wait until October 13th like last year for our first frost and what about a freeze to take out those vicious mosquitoes? I will have the answer tonight and more here on the blog.

I did find one place where real winter began today! MOUNT WASHINGTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE....which of course is my favorite place on earth since it is known for the world's worst weather. They have temperatures in the upper 20s with a west wind gusting to near 50 mph. They also had their first inch of snow. It just doesn't get any better. Maybe I can talk my news director into doing a live-shot from there. It would be better than a hurricane! Have a great day and on that note stay warm!


Anonymous said...

From a chilly start off to the morning the weather has turned nice.

Some that I work with are calling me a "whimp" for I was cold this morning, LOL! I have found it to be 50/50 with the chilly temps. 50% love it and 50% wishes for summer type weather back. However most are on agreement about the fresh air, clear skys and the colors of fall are wonderful.

Not ready for frost! My flowers are still so pretty!

Teri in Laf

Brow said...

Winter Snow Storm Watch/Warning in CA?!

I keep having dreams of snow too...very strange. :p