Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lightning Bugs & A Corona around the Moon Dazzle Lafayette

I know! First there was the pirate bugs, then the biting beetles, and now the attack of the lightning bugs. Chris Pechin spotted the critters on Monday evening. Nature is certainly telling us something is just not right and you know a correction is coming and it's coming soon! Just in case you did not see any lightning bugs last night nature made sure you were dazzled by the moonlight with bluish tints to its ring closest to it and a red tint farther away from it. Believe it or not this moon will not officially be full until tonight. It certainly had its moon beams on high last night. I will have all the details here on the blog today of what caused the corona around the moon and just what a corona is. No, we are not talking about beer here. LOL In the meantime, enjoy the picture above.

I do think our best chances of rain hold off until Wednesday and if anything does fall today it will be in the form of sprinkles. The main storm system that buried parts of Montana with over 3 feet of snow was deflected straight up into Canada by our record-breaking high pressure that brought record highs on Sunday to South Bend (84 degrees) and Fort Wayne (an amazing 87 degrees). Here in Lafayette we had our warmest 3 days this late in the season in 13 years! Record highs were also smashed in Chicago, Madison, and Green Bay. So by time our autumn front arrives it will not have much moisture with it. We may miss out on some needed rainfall but not on some real autumn weather. This snow pack you see above in Montana City, Montana will allow the cold air hold together much better and we will really feel it by Wednesday night and Thursday. The good news is an area of low pressure should form along the front and move our way on Wednesday bringing us at least some scattered rain. Rain amounts look light at this time and I would not worry about the many soccer games going on around the area. I know it is playoff time and nature should not muddy things up much at all! Have a great day and I will be back with more on last night's weather phenomenon and our big changes on the way. Tomorrow is also a big day! We can pick up the Lafayette Christian School Dutch Apple Pies.

It must really be autumn. Here is a picture of our very own Alyssa Rossomme who always does a great job with the morning show along with Seth and Stephanie. She really got into her story. Heating up those apple pies will be a good way to stay warm by later this week and weekend with highs only expected in the 50s! YUMMY, BRING ON AUTUMN AND THE PIES!!


Brow said...

( in a Homer Simpson voice ) MMMMMMMMM...Dutch...apple...pie...

Anonymous said...

Well we are over due for the cold and rainy weather. I have wasps tryinig to get in to my home! The bugs are confused! Getting ready for the cold and the rain! Too bad I wont be able to track storms will all of you!