Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Summer Rewind on the Way But Winter Not Far Away

Hi Mike, sending a pic of my dog Tyton, sitting on the sofa looking out the living room window and wishing for no rain, so he can go outside and play! He is a wimp when it comes to rain and storms. Not the best pic but cute.

Thanks Teri! Tyton is cute and reminds me of my dog BJ. The good news is we can let our dogs out again without all the drama. It is obvious our best friends think they are humans. What would we do without them. It is perfect weather for walking the dog and even dancing!

It is a beautiful day! It is so nice I think I will go dance....literally. I have dance lessons for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Dancing with the Stars that takes place this Friday. It has certainly been a humbling experience and a lot of fun! This is weather that makes you want to do the rumba!! Before I go I wanted to go over things I am working on for tonight's newscast:

1) Another summer pattern this weekend
2) Our autumn foliage is in trouble with this warm pattern (see below)
3) Frost looking more likely late next week and weekend
4) Snow may fly in Indiana by Halloween (a treat for snow-lovers)

Here is a great picture sent in by Richard Beedle in Warren County at Big Pine Creek. The Sassafrass and sugar maples are lighting up! I am concerned this year about more of a muted color to the trees because while we have had some clear, crisp, and calm nights we are running way behind on our first widespread frost which is a week late and counting. It is the crisp, frosty night and sunny, mild days that allow the trees leaves to hold the sugars better. In the summer to winter pattern we are in it takes its toll on the more stunning colors that can come out this time of year. This does not mean it will be a total wash this season as you see above and that is the good news. Here is a link below to check out more great fall color around the state of Indiana that includes a Lafayette Municipal Golf Course viewand four other sites around the state!

This will be a good site to go to for a reminder that it is indeed autumn. I bought a huge rake last weekend, but it looks like my trees are not even close to dropping any leaves. Whatever happened to our peak foliage coming during the second and third weeks of October. At least we can count on the Covered Bridge Festival at about the same time every year. Here is a link to one of Indiana's great autumn events.

The covered bridge capital of the world is worth checking out no matter how strange our weather is acting or what the leaves are doing. This leaves me with one of my favorite weather proverbs dealing with fall foliage.


This saying may hold some water or should I say snow based on new information coming in to our weather team. We will make our final winter call by Halloween.....preliminary call for snowfall in Lafayette is 20 inches or slightly below average and temperatures milder than average at least for most of January into early February. December could be a bear and don't over look late October and parts of November. I will have more on this here on the blog tomorrow. I better get dancing. Have a great evening and thanks as always for all your support.


Anonymous said...

Sounds GREAT Mike, That gives us something to talk about Now I feel like danceing..... :-)


Brow said...

Snow on Halloween? That would be awesome...gotta break out my Bumbles the Snow Monster costume. :p

I don't think that I have ever seen snow on Halloween before now that I think of it.

Anonymous said...

I remember very rainy and cold Halloween nights, for the past few years the weather has been half way plesent, Last year a bit cool but nothing we couldnt handle. However always a fire going in the fire place! And ham and beans on the stove.

Thank the Lord the weather was nice this morning! All the staff and students that had to deal with the fire at Lafayette Jefferson High School! All went smooth getting the students on the buses to return home and to safty at Tecumseh Jr. High.

Wonderful LSC!


Anonymous said...

wonderful Job LSC!

Anonymous said...

I don't ever remember snow on Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Hey bloggers.

Just got back from seeing Mike and the great staff of WLFI! WOW what a tough job they all have! Mike is even more crazy in person! But he is cool. :-) He for sure know's what he is talking about! Even helped me out with a few things weatherwise! To help me stay on top when it comes to that stormy season we all love so much :-P lol. He took us on a tour of the place so many button's and lever's hard not to touch! :) A good atmosphere it would be cool to work there someday!!!!! He is a busy man but has fun at what he dose! We were both looking for some snow on the map which some of you probably seen on the 5pm and
6pm news. One thing I found out is how much he loves to pick on Sue Scott, she was calling us both weather geeks LOL!!!!! Which fit very WELL!! :-) LOL. I can say a lot of things about all of them and how cool it was but the bottom line is they are all a LOT OF FUN to hang out with and I would do it again any day!!!!

Ps. Sorry I can't remember his name LOL so I'll just call him there camera man, Anyway he told me to let you all know the food sucked they did not even pass out cookies!! LOL :) Im just jokeing!

All have a great day.....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun time Justin, good for you!.

I think most of us bloggers are "weather geeks":)I was looking at the snow on the radar as well, not ready for it! This weather is perfect for me! Windows open,fresh cool air for sleeping, and no heating bills!

Justin sounds like you are on cloud nine, now dont forget to use those cool tips Mike gave you! You do a great job blogging!

Teri in Laf.