Friday, October 17, 2008

A 3 Cat Night Gives Way to a 5 Star Weekend!

Molly Fu sent this picture in last night before our newscast that even had our producer Jenna Emenheiser "meowing" in my ear during the show. We have so much fun on that news set every night and it is a joy to work with such wonderful people. This is a picture of Molly's cat Professor Boots who thinks he is half-human and half-dog. He is 4 years old and is getting us ready for some real autumn weather. This is a good reminder to bring the pets in! Now where does the term, "3 cat night" come from. Well I am actually playing off of the more familiar saying of having a "3 dog night" which was made popular from the band called 3 Dog Night that formed in 1968 and cranked out some fine tunes through 1975. A few of their songs included One, an Old Fashioned Love Song, and Joy to the World. The weather does play a big role in all of this as well. Vocalist Danny Hutton's girlfriend June Fairchild apparently read a story in a magazine about how the indigenous Australians used to keep warm during colder weather patterns. They apparently dug a hole and curled up with two dogs or dingos as they call them in the land of Oz. On especially cold night they would snuggle with 3 or more dingos and that is where the term 3 Dog Night comes from when explaining a cold weather pattern. Tonight will be one of those nights where you could have a 3 dog or 3 cat night or in other words a bed-full of pets trying to snuggle to keep warm. Even though it will not be bone-chilling cold over the next couple of nights it will be cold enough to bring in the pets and protect the sensitive plants, because those areas that do clear out late tonight will see some patchy frost.

You can see our first reports of gloves last night at the McCutcheon-Harrison soccer regional and a lot of folks wished they had brought their hats as well, but at least they had their hoodies to keep them warm. Tonight make sure to bring the warm, hooded sweatshirts, jackets, gloves, and even blankets for Friday night Frenzy. The frost threat certainly looms with the higher chances of frost north and west of Lafayette. Join me tonight for the latest on our frost threat. If you are leaving town for the weekend I certainly would not take any chances. Bring those plants in!

It is a big weekend and even though we do not have 80s in the forecast like last weekend it should be another spectacular one. We do have great weather for you if you are heading to Covered Bridge Festival or running in the Indianapolis marathon. I already have my running shoes laced up! The leaves are running about a week behind and I am expecting them to peak next weekend, but you will still have plenty of fine color to enjoy out there this weekend. Now there are also a ton of playoff soccer games and make sure the kids pace themselves because we are in a fast-moving pattern that could bring a brief warm-up on Sunday near 70 degrees!

You can see the quick northwest flow that will try to bring us sprinkles tonight and once again on Monday, but I would not be surprised if some of us do not see rain until the middle of next week. Temperature-wise do not get used to highs near 70 because our flow will remain from the west-northwest over the next week to two weeks with a huge drop-off in temperatures possible by next weekend. We have at least 3 chances of freezes and frosts over the next 10 days and I do not want to mention my favorite kind of weather just yet....shhhhhh but some maps are still showing our first chances of snowflakes before Halloween. I let out a shout at the station yesterday that scared a couple of our anchors. Now I do not want to scare anybody and it will likely not be enough to shovel but for now I will just keep quiet and I certainly will not mention it on the air until I have more of the models lining up. So considering these last tidbits of information I would give this weekend a 5 star rating just like you would get if you were at a world class hotel with fine dining! You can fire up the grill that is for sure.

Blog Question of the Day: What were those unusual rays of sunlight in the sky yesterday evening?

Here is the picture I captured yesterday of them on the Renaissance Camera. They are known as crepuscular rays or God's rays. I will let you know what causes them and why the farmers may have something to do with their formation this time of year so check back and while you are waiting here is some music from 3 Dog Night!


Annie said...

That is the cutest cat I've ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!!

Brow said...

I still think that would be a cool sight to see...trick-or-treaters in the snow. (dusts off camera)

Anonymous said...

Did any of you bloggers see Mike said last night we had a Hot Cocoa advisory? I did and I got my cocoa :-) lol..... Mike we was coming back from Mansfield yesterday and I seen the same thing with the rays I got a picture of it with my phone looks just like what you have! COOL.


Anonymous said...

Was a bit brisk this morning, not as bad as I thought it would be though.

The day was nice with the sun shining.

The pics of the kitty are darling, looks so cozy! ahhh, to be a inside cat:)

I love Halloween, cool nights and romping though the leaves, not snow!

We have a neighbor that dresses up as a nice witch, with her magic brew in a kettle over an open fire, The brew is Hot Coco! What a neet idea.

Teri in Lafayette.

boilermom said...

Would be sorta nice to see some "flakes" on Halloween, just not alot.
I love this time of year. The smell of burning leaves and good old Apple Cider!

Anonymous said...

And don't forget about carmel apples!!!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Pumpkin pies!

Anonymous said...

Burrr, it was chilly out side this morning! I think a chili supper adviorsy should be issued soon!

Anonymous said...

Had the chili tonight! And it was awesome!

PLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEEE tell us more about the snow!!!!

And we call the rays "windows from Heaven". They just look like Heaven opened it's windows slightly, and let us take a peak at the grandeur! Love them...and could stare at them all day.

Annie in Attica

Anonymous said...

I'M always looking for something to watch weatherwise here in our viewing area and looking at the latest models we have some more rain back in our forecast as soon as Thursday. Looks like that could be a fun day of weather watching.

How are you all loveing this cool Fall weather??? I love it sooo much nice to be cold and not HOT for a change I think. :-) All have a great day and keep warm!

Justin in Lafayette.

Brow said...

Looks like a big cold front behind this little system coming right up.

Could we see some S-N-O-W as early as the end of the week?!

Anonymous said...

Hope not Brow!

Janet said...

Hey Mike Prangley,

Thought you might want to see my blog...I responded to your "Hot Chocolate Advisory" the other night :)

Check it out here:

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, I am enjoying this fall wx, cool at nights for sleeping, and warm enough during the day for walking with out ice hanging off my nose:)

I just fired up the furnace for the first time on Sunday morning.
Just enough to take the morning chill out of the house.

My two dogs have been sleeping with me, one likes to put his cold nose on my feet, and when they are both ready to get up in the a.m. I have both cold noses in my face .LOL

Keep warm:)))

Teri In Laf.