Friday, October 3, 2008

Friendly Front Ushers in Nicer Weather than Hawaii Here at Home

Outside of a few sprinkles it looks like another miss on the rain today. Last night I specifically outlined why the rain would be hit and miss. There was not one cloud in the Gulf of Mexico. This is usually the moisture source that most Midwest fronts love to tap. Without much moisture to work with and a high barometric pressure of 30.00 inches as of early afternoon it looks like we are in the clear for tonight's big high school football games. The ground will be rock hard in many locations so make sure the kids have those shoulder pads tightened. You may want to take a sweatshirt or light coat with you with temperatures quickly falling to near 50 by the final whistle as skies quickly clear out. Tonight tune in to find out about drought conditions quickly closing in on the Hoosier state. Here in Lafayette we have had only .05" of rain in the last 3 weeks which is over 2 inches below average. When will we get some needed rain? I will have your answer.

We will also take a look at almost the entire state of Wisconsin covered in frost advisories for tonight. Even northern Indiana is getting in on the act above. This could be our backyards before you know it with the latest model runs are showing good chances of frosts and freezes here at home in the next 10 to 14 days. I will pinpoint that a little better for you.

Severe weather and October also go hand-in-hand and warning signs are also popping up of better chances of strong storms here at home. We will have a little history lesson on the news and the blog by this evening. Notice the graphic above shows a few of our tornado outbreaks in Indiana and portions of Ohio since 2001. Unfortunately we have had 31 tornado fatalities in Indiana in the months of October and November which is the highest total for any two month period. While I do not see any imminent threat it is a blunt reminder of why we need to stay on our toes and keep up with the latest forecasts.

So the big theme tonight will be to get out and enjoy another nice weekend....we may have a lone shower or storm in far Northern Newton and Jasper Counties late in the weekend, but even those areas can fire up the grill! You can make a good argument we will have nicer weather than Hawaii....we will check it out! But our weather paradise in the Midwest does not last long this time of year. We better fire up the grills before nature fires up some storms and then frosts. Our weather team will keep you posted. I will also fill in tidbits from the past few days here on the blog with more colorful pictures and charts for your enjoyment. You are the best! See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things will start to liven up a bit here before long!

Mike I was out today and again I seen another woolly worm small and all black! :-)

All have a great afternoon!


Anonymous said...

I just read that on Oct 5 1978 -- A tornado touched at the junction of routes 20 and 3 in Lagrange County. Also in the early 1900's
parts of Indian received more than 10 inches of RAIN! I love weather history! What are we going to be in for in 2008-2009?

Justin, I have not seen many wolly worms, but a lot of spiders!

All enjoy this wonderful day. The warm sun feels nice shining though the windows on this chilly morning!

Teri in Laf.