Monday, October 27, 2008

First Flurries of the Season Fly & A Freeze Warning for Tonight

Yes! I did see my first snowflakes along with other Lafayette residents last night. I was a the LAGC state gymnastics meet in Noblesville. The Lafayette team and my Abbey did a wonderful job! Abbey shows off all her bling and gives her patented big salute! Miss Cindy even treated the girls to a little ice cream. What a coach! During our little dinner break is when the excitement hit. We saw a few fluries in our headlights. I checked with the other parents to make sure I wasn't seeing things, especially after all our model runs were showing less than a 10% chance of it happening. But I know you never say never in Indiana and I was loving life after those flakes starting coming down. The wind was even more vicious and added to the excitement. On the way home last night we also saw flurries on Interstate 65....Zionsville exit...Lebanon exit....Frankfort exit....the Dayton exit or first Lafayette exit. Our director Allie saw a few flurries in Lafayette at 2 a.m. last night while carving pumpkins! Today a few more snowflakes were reported across Jasper, Pulaski, Rochester, and Miami Counties thanks to the lake-effect. Now the big story tonight will be a freeze warning in effect with perhaps a few flurries. I will check back shortly and talk more about this including the wind damage reported in Chicago. Yes, a hot chocolate advisory is still in effect. Blog on to stay warm!

Wow! Look what I found from the C-MAN station in Michigan City. This is basically a fancy word for a weather station located on one of the three lighthouses at Michigan City. There was a 71 mph wind gust at 6 p.m. While I did not find any pictures from Michigan City the National Weather Service in North Webster shared this picture from Diana Pickering with us. This was taken not far away at Silver Beach in Michigan. That is one angry wind and a cold one too! Look at our weather watcher highs for our Monday.

These are temperatures we would usually find in late November and early December. The wind certainly made it feel more like December. Wind gusts hit 37 mph yesterday and today they were howling between 20 and 30 mph. We did have a report of 3 foot drifts....leaf drifts that is from Mark and Madelyn our weather watchers in Kokomo. It may be some time before we actually can get outside and actually get some good raking done. Our wind speeds will stay up for much of the week. We may see enough high pressure nose in on Wednesday afternoon and maybe some lighter winds moving in for later Saturday and Sunday. But remember the wind is a sign of the battle of seasons that takes place this time of year and it looks like autumn and winter will continue to fight it out for the next several weeks. The bigger your temperature changes on the weather map means you will inevitably have big pressure differences causing the wind to speed up. So it is the time of year Indiana is known as "Windiana". Batten down the hatches, we have only just begun.


Anonymous said...

I just winterized my car. My hands and nose are frozen! Yes a may be a girl, yet I do know how to take care of my car LOL! well, in a way:) All better make sure you have plenty of anti-freeze, ect.

Trying to get warm now, had to crank up the furnace:(

Mike, I am glad you got to see the snow flakes you were wishing for, you sound to be as a kid in a candy shop when it comes to snow:)

All keep warm, and as Brian said last night it will be blustery, and it is!


Anonymous said...

Ended up with the stomach flu, and did not get to see ANY flying flakes!

Happy for you though, Mike. And, I will be on the lookout tonight.

Annie in Attica

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike I just went outside of a Sec, and I seen snowflakes I would say Dime size. They did not last long at all maybe only 2 maybe 3 Min, and that was about it..... I'M fired up!!!!! BRING ON THE COLD AND SNOY WEATHER!!!!! :-)

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

Typo..... I ment to say Snowy.....


Jared said...

I ran out of the house earlier this evening when i heard heavy sleet hitting the ground! It was coming down heavy here in Bloomington. Enough so i could make a miny ice ball to save in my freezer. Also saw a couple snow flakes but not many! Keep up the great work Mike, ive never seen you on TV but i love the Blog! Forcast some snow for us down here! Jared

Anonymous said...

My daughter let the dogs out last night and told me it was hailing, She was seeing and feeling a little sleet mixed in with the flurries. She is a major snow lover, unlike her mom:)

All stay warm

Teri in Laf

Anonymous said...

Let me know when Abbey has another gymnastics meet in Noblesville and Richard and I will come and cheer her on! We are in Carmel so let us know when you are in the area and maybe we can meet up with you and the family. The only thing that could make a beautiful snow more perfect is snow surrounded by palm trees and the ocean!