Monday, October 20, 2008

Championship Weather Gives Way to Chilly, Unsettled Sweater Weather

The weekend lived up to all the hype. It was what I called championship weather. You can see my daugther Abbey's team above. It has been great watching all those girls grow up together and watch them blossom into great people and soccer players.The Greater Lafayette Recreational Soccer Alliance playoffs took over Davidson Field in Lafayette and those games were some of the best games in modern western civilization. At times I felt like I was watching my favorite team in the Super Bowl and it was very nerve-racking. The kids ran hard but it was probably harder on most of us parents. I know last night I was just plain exhausted from a weekend full of soccer and cheering, but it was a good kind of tired! I take my hats off to all the parents out there this weekend because even though they were really into their kids and teams doing well, everybody behaved like adults and showed wonderful sportsmanship. It was fitting that the Tornadoes defeated my daughter's team and I made sure I gave some high fives to their fine team. I also told them I wanted one of their cool tornado shirts. The weather was certainly the icing on the cake that made everything just right!

The team above Crossroads South won the championship game against the tornadoes 2-0.They won with a lot of heart and scrappiness. It was a hard fought win! Great job! All the teams were winners in my book. Sports does a whole lot more for kids than just getting them out and exercising. They learn how to win and lose, the value of sportsmanship, listening skills, teamwork, and how hard work and trying your best really do pay off. I will miss watching those soccer games on Saturdays. The good news is that the Spring season will be here before we know it! This of course after we get our 20 to 25 inches of snow!

We must be getting closer to winter because we did have our first frost in many locations reported around the area from Attica to Lafayette and Kokomo. I made sure to catch a sign that Jack Frost paid a visit to us before church on Sunday morning. Those clear skies and light winds made a huge difference and the shorter daylight hours are really starting to catch up with us. We have lost about 5 hours of daylight since the summer solstice. This frost you see above usually occurs on average by October 3rd. This year it was just over two weeks late. Tonight make sure to tune in and find out why nature will make up for lost time. Our autumn weather honeymoon is quickly coming to an end with the coolest weather week of the season on the way. The latest models are still hinting at a few wet snowflakes fly in our viewing area before Halloween. I will make sure to show you this on tonight's news with a snow update here on the blog. We have been talking about snowflakes right around and just before Halloween here on the blog for at least a couple weeks and while it is not a 100% chance we have a better than 50-50 shot of pulling it off.

While he did not need the snow shovel on Sunday morning, Richard Beedle shows took this picture in Attica Sunday morning after scraping some frost off his windows. This shows the brilliant sunshine we had this weekend and you can see the steam fog coming off the Wabash River. This is caused by the much warmer water being cooled by the chilly air. Yes, there is a whole lot of cooling going on in this forecast so look for more steam fog and eventually some rain back in the forecast this week.

The sun dog below we had at Davidson Field was a warning sign of big changes ahead. We will have to name our next autumn storm a female name as it moves in on Thursday. Make sure to send in some names. Make sure to be ready for a few light showers and sprinkles by late today in this evening for all of us. But amounts should remain less than .10. Have a great day and tomorrow we will talk more about the snow that is possible next week here on the blog, the Golden Snow Shovel Contest put on by Mad Mushroom Pizza, and results from the Indianapolis Marathon and Half-marathon that took place this past weekend. Take care!


Anonymous said...

Tis getting foggy out there, and some sprikles as Mike stated would happen, Is the morning going to be a foggy mess??? It still seems to be rather warm compaird to the last few eves.

Anonymous said...

I like the name Misty, for that is how it is out side tonight as I understand it will be foggy and steamy from the forcast, Misty is a magical name