Monday, October 13, 2008

Records Fall & Temperatures Get Ready to Tumble

Is it really October 13th? We had a couple unofficial record highs set today across the area in Brookston and Kokomo. The climate center does not have records for these sites dating back to 1896 like it does for Lafayette, but I am confident that since Lafayette's record high for the date was 84 set back in 1930 that these two sites were likely close to that they either tied the actual records or broke them. This is way I am calling them "unofficial" records. But we can say it was officially warm out there today. Even though we did not set any records here in Lafayette we did tie the record for most consecutive days at 80 or above this late in the season which was also three set back in 1995.

It is great to be back in town after going to a weather conference in Louisville, Kentucky. I think I brought some of the heat back from Kentucky with me. Louisville set a record high of 87 whopping degrees on Sunday while I was in class with hundreds of meteorologists all across the country. Scary, huh? I did represent Lafayette well and won the weather trivia contest of course dealing with stormy weather. I didn't win a trip to Hawaii but I did get a new Midland Weather Radio. That is one gift that keeps on giving here in Indiana. It is great to be home. After talking to many weather buddies across the country I can truly say I have the best weather bloggers and viewers around. I also feel very lucky to work at WLFI that is for sure!

Since I watch out for you like you watch out for me I do have a reality check back in the weather forecast. Notice the majestic win turbines in Benton County above. You have increasing cirrus clouds moving that may bring even bigger changes to the landescape. A real autumn front is coming! This will be quite a jolt to the system even if you are expecting it. Get out the jackets and vitamin C. Take a look at this graph that drops our temperatures almost 50 degrees from Sunday's high of 86 to next Saturday's low of 37 which could certainly bring our first frost of the season depending on cloud cover and wind.

Wayne Turner did a great job of capturing an autumn scene in Brookston above on the Tippecanoe River on Monday evening. It is absolutely stunning. Now you know it will not only look like autumn but it will finally feel like it. I am certainly ready for it like most folks I have spoken to around the area. My wife Julie is back from Florida so I feel like it is Thanksgiving and have a ton of energy! Welcome home honey, now it is time to welcome autumn back! I know it makes me want to dance. I am ready to rumba again!

Speaking of dancing here is a great picture of my daughter Megan and I at the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Dancing with the Stars event on Friday night. It was a special night and I got through the rumba without a problem thanks to my great Arthur Murray teacher Samantha Roth and the evening was highlighted by dancing with my daughter on the dance floor. That is what it is all about. It was certainly a special night I will never forget.


Anonymous said...

OH yes we all need to have a weather radio here in Indiana. I'm Glad to hear that Julie, got back ok after seeing some of what she was going through on her trip down there. But she Had Mike looking out for her so if it was me I would feel safe.

I'M liking the sound of possible frost on Saturday!!!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Prangley's! Mike sounds like you had a wonderful time at the Weather Conference, and I am sure you represented Lafayette well:))))

We are very lucky to have you looking out for us,
And thank you for your blog!

Frost by Sat???? not ready, I am loving this weather, and yes its a bit scary with the warm temps!

All beware, the Flu is starting to hit hard and heavy already. I know from personal experience! I have been down with it for 2 days, hope tomorrow is better. From what I have been told this flu is lasting for about 5 days:(((

Teri In Laf.

Anonymous said...

OH YAY! So glad for the cold weather coming our way. Can't wait to hear more about when our first snow might hit.