Saturday, November 1, 2008

You Can Get Out the Hammocks for the Extra Hour of Sleep

Here is Asa Johnson who is only 8 months old. Catherine her Mom really captured what a great Halloween and pattern we are in. Usually we heat up pumpkin pie to stay warm this time of year but this year the babies have got out the pumpkin shorts. This weekend will even be a nice time to go fill up on some pumpkin custard. Yummy!

You see yesterday's high temperatures that made it into the 70s. Not even Jacksonville, Florida was this warm. They only had a high of 69! I will make sure to send Mom and Dad some warmer weather. This much warmer than normal pattern should stick around. The graphic above shows no cold air in sight. Today we just have a weak front moving south that could chop just a few degrees off of our highs. But it will still be about 10 degrees above average so enjoy and make sure to boiler up!

If you are heading to the Purdue game today you can leave the blankets you normally bring to games at home. Now usually sunburns do not take place this time of year but I would still recommend wearing some sunblock with plenty of sunshine and it will be comfortable as well with highs back in the 60s. The hats and layers that usually cover our skin are not needed today, so I want to make sure you do not get a surprise sunburn. Speaking of surprises, I think the black and gold will pull off an upset. Go Boilers!

If this is not enough, tonight is also one of my favorite nights. We all get an extra hour of sleep and with all of the weather excitement this week going from snow flurries to shorts weather I will need a little extra shut eye. I have gotten quite the workout. Make sure to fall back or turn those clocks back an hour before you go to sleep and change the batteries in your smoke detectors. The great part is you can catch up on rest by getting out the hammocks. A nap outside this time of year is a double bonus. I think we could even be close to 70 again on Sunday thanks to a warm front moving through the area by early Sunday. It could touch off an isolated shower or thunderstorm mainly north and west of Lafayette but most of us should remain dry and any rain will be brief. That is right a thunderstorm is possible. What a pattern. The highest chance of rain will be late Saturday night and early Sunday as you see below. So if you have an early tee time Sunday I would not panic or cancel but I would also remember those lightning safety rules. Any lightning delays should be brief at best. We really are acting like Florida out there.

Happy golfing and even happy fishing! The only unhappy people this weekend may be those fisherman that have taken their boat out of the water. But I think they will survive and find a way to get out. I am going to go cut my lawn and do some more garage cleaning. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading. I am Mike Prangley and I approve this forecast! :)


Anonymous said...

Was a great night indeed for trick or treat. We had alot of kids this year, however they were out very late.

Mike and Justin, sounds like you had just as much fun than the kids LOL!

I feel for the person whose car was egged, eggs can do so much damage.

I left my car parked in my drive, I forgot to lock it, my dogs started barking up a storm around 10:30, I looked out the window and saw that someone had turned all the inside lights on.

I was lucky my dogs let me know for I would have had a dead battery this morning.

I loved the photos from Wolf Park. What a great place! And this weather is wonderful. I could take this year around! (dreaming) :)

Hope everyone has a great day!

Teri in Laf.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooooo grateful for this warmth and sunshine. Normally I'm looking (begging!) for snow this time of year. But Halloween brought the "ghost in the machine" to our house - yep, my clothes dryer had a nervous breakdown and the parts won't be here until mid-week. Of course, I had piles of laundry waiting! But with the mild temperatures and hopefully some gentle breezes I'll be able to go back in time and hang the laundry outside to dry... something I haven't done in years. And most years I surely wouldn't be able to do it in November!

Cheryl in Brookfield Heights

Anonymous said...

What a bummer Cheryl, funny how we rely on things most take for granted. Going back in time and hanging clothes on the line is not that bad. glad you will have good weather for it!Hope you get your dryer fixed soon!

my dryer went out this past spring, when it was raining almost every day!Had to do the good ole laundry mat.

Anonymous said...

I'M not a warm weather lover I mean sure this is a treat for most people but not for me :-( LOL!! :-)
Oh well I cant do anything about it (Darn!!!!!)

Have a great day everybody.
Oh Mike sounds like you had a really COOL Custom!!!!!Next year you will have to go as a BIG SNOW STORM! That would be even cooler Get it (Cooler) Ok that was a lame joke but really that would be a cool custom! :-) LOL.....

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

Every one enjoy your extra hour of sleep this morning?

This day seems long, I went to bed at my normal time and woke up at normal time, only to be confused as to what time it really was LOL.

I did get most of the clocks changed, however missed a couple.

Will take awhile for my body to get used to the new time change once again!

such a beautiful day!

Teri in Laf.

Anonymous said...

where is the golden shovel contest?