Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lots of Gobble Gobble Before a Possible Snow Wobble Wobbles Our Way

Happy Thanksgiving! Our WLFI news and weather team want to thank you for all of your support throughout the year. We are thankful for all ou
r viewers and bloggers. Last night a lot of folks were excited about those bright objects in the sky. Even though the picture above doesn't do them justice Venus and Jupiter put on quite a show and you know they were impressive if they were picked up by our Renaissance Cam. It is very tough to pick up stars on those outdoor cameras but not last night. By Sunday night they will only be two degrees apart! I understand the President gave a pardon to two turkeys yesterday by the names of Pumpkin and Pecan. Nature has given us a pardon from the normally rough Thanksgiving weather we experience this time of year and it will be one of those rare Thanksgivings where you can eat plenty of food and walk it off outside or should I say golf it off. Here is a nice Thanksgiving poem I found for you that mentions weather in it.


When comes Thanksgiving weather, With snow, and frost, and sleet, And old friends meet together To spend the hours so sweet, Forget not those in sorrow, The few who may not see The beauties of Thanksgiving, If it were not for thee. A word of cheer to some one, Food for the hungry poor, A message to the sick one, Almost forgot before. These little things so easy, Mixed in with Life's alloy, Will cause the tears to trickle, But 'twill be tears of joy. -Ed Blair

Last year we had wind chills in the teens and this year it will be near 50 with fairly light winds. So in the sunshine this afternoon we will feel about 40 degrees warmer! It's all gravy and not just on our dinner plates! But not so fast, we did not get the full pardon from nature for the entire weekend. All eyes will have to be on Live Doppler 18 on Sunday and Monday as our first snowfall of one inch or more is certainly possible. This could cause travel trouble for those returning home on Sunday. There are still more question marks than answers but you need to be aware of a very energetic pattern across the country that has not one but two jet streams we are tracking.

The question is when will those two jet streams phase together. The earlier and farther west this happens the more trouble for us. I think as an upper low pressure pivots in here Saturday night and early Sunday and the jet streams phase we will see a surface low pressure develop and track northeastward. When and where this will happen is still up for debate. But have a plan B ready to go by Sunday afternoon through Monday morning. What I will do for you is keep you updated. I still cannot give you any amounts but can tell you that at least two of our major models are showing our best chance of more than an inch of snow we have had all season long. I will keep you posted. For now it is all about friends, family, and being grateful for the many blessing that you have. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. I do have my wife's special recipe I will post here ASAP!!


Anonymous said...

ya happy thanksgiving:(((((

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving in deed!!

Can't talk much got to go check the Turkey!! :-)

See you all after the feast!

Justin in Lafayette

Boilermom said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Bring on the snow!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, the pumpkin muffins and tarts are out of the oven - pretty soon I'll get to work on the Cornish Hens, stuffing, etc. We'll be taking advantage of this nice weather and burning off some calories by doing the outdoor Christmas decorations today and tomorrow, and then... LET IT SNOW! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Cheryl in Brookfield Heights

Boilermom said...

Turkey is in oven and getting ready to fix pies and stuffing! Getting slower every year(63 yrs. old) Should be right on time for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Good morning all! What a beautiful Thanksgiving morning it is! I am thankful for so many things, among them Mike and my blogger friends.

I get to go to a daughter's home today so my fixin's are slim. I fix the dressing...but look out SUNDAY..that is when they all come here. I NEED it to stay nice until late Sunday if you could arrange that, LOL...some have a ways to travel.

Have a safe one!

Anone doing the Black Friday thing? I may do some online :-)

Mary Anne in Remington

Anonymous said...


Turkey is going to be deep fried, doesnt take as long to cook. Also I have a great receipe for mashed potatos that are made the night before, yummy!

Would be nice if we do get some snow.

All have a wonderful day!

Teri in Laf

Anonymous said...

No shopping for me, I stay put the day after Thanksgiving! Dont like to driving around forever trying to find a place to park.

Mary Anne I hope for your sake the snow holds off till after your feast on Sunday, But I have to admit, never thought I would say this:) I am ready for some snow! Mean while have a great one our weather friend!

Teri in Laf.