Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weather So Nice You Can Grill the Turkey Outside This Year!

I am certainly in the holiday spirit thanks to the great turkey poem sent in by Kandy Teel of Chalmers. Usually I show weather conditions and pictures from my weather watchers but Kandy's poem was so good and really told the weather story I had to put it in my main weather show last night. Thanks Kandy! You are a poet and don't even know it! I have already given Tom the turkey a meteorological pardon since he has been in my show for a good part of the last week and our loyal viewers have really becoming attached to him as you can tell in the poem above. The Ground Hog may have some competition this year and the woolly worm is old news compared to Tom! What is really exciting is that we are expecting our warmest weather in nearly two weeks the next couple of days with finally some slightly above average high temperatures. We could be near 50 on Thanksgiving so you can even fire up the grill for grilled Turkey. Only one out of every three Thanksgivings on average get this warm so take advantage of it.

Who would have thought our weather here at home would be nicer than southern California where they could see mudslides and over an inch of rain. That moisture will have to be watched closely by late weekend and early next week as it will tr
y to sneak up on us and interact with some colder air that will move in on Sunday. So as always our weather team will not let our guard down. Any snowfall should be light but I have seen this change in a heartbeat over the years with subtropical moisture associated with cut-off low pressure systems. They can be sneaky and make meteorologists look like turkeys this time of year so at least you have been warned. We will just watch it closely for now.

Our chief blogger Justin New is making sure our weather blog stays busy in this brief lull to our weather and sent in a very interesting picture of Tuesday's sunset. The sky here in Indiana is always filled with so much to see even in a tranquil pattern. You can pick out what looks like a cross in the sky over Lafayette last night. It is a good reminder of the many blessings each of us have in our lives. I know I feel like I walk around with two guardian angels watching after me. This certainly helps me through some of those tough Indiana forecasts that throw everything at you at once. You can also say the picture looks like an "x". The "x" certainly stands for excellent weather on the way. The contrail clouds never cease to amaze me with the different shapes they can make. How you interpret them....well the sky is the limit!

You will have to check back here on the blog for some interesting Thanksgiving recipes you may want to try. I will post Julie's outstanding new pumpkin pie recipe and much more. Be safe running those errands and Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


Anonymous said...

I like the poem sent in by Kandy!
Mike You and her should get together with my aunt! She is really good at wrighting poems!!!!! If she is in the zone she can just sit down and wright away!!!!! I have no idea how she does it!! :-)

Also thanks for posting my picture Mike! I just thought it was great for this holiday! I can't wait to smell all that nice and tasty food!
Hey Mike your wife must be a good cook! But Does she know you post her recipe on here? :-)
I won't say anything! :-)

Hope you all have a great and happy Thanksgiving!........You know this will be the first thanksgiving I have spent with you all! I mean being on the blog anyway if it counts. In a way I guess! :-)

Make it a great one!

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

Pretty Picture Justin! So this is your first Thanksgiving as a blogger, cool! Have you ever gone back and read the older bloggs? If not you should, is fun to read about the wx this time last year!

Is a frosty morning, I had to do some slight scraping on the car windows.

Justin, sounds as if your mouth is watering, with just the thought of Thanksgiving dinner, does your family cook a whole Turkey just for you? LOL


Anonymous said...

Love the picture Justin. I saw that as a cross. My son saw the x marks the spot on a pirate map. Guess I better be teaching him more spiritual things huh? lol...oh a 4 year old.

So glad for the good forecast and ready to get home from the weekend, to see a good snow! Tree goes up on Sunday, and I would love to see snow falling outside as we hang the first snowflake!!!

Annie in Attica

Anonymous said...

Well Teri not a full tureky for me :-( LOL But tonight we start cooking it!

A busy day we have tomorrow! But it should be fun! :-)

I think we should all post our fav food to eat besides the turkey on thanksgiving!

My fav food will have to be My Grandmas home made Mash potatoes!They are Awesome!
Tonight I'M in charge of dinner! Wonder what to fix? Oh well I'll come up with something! Maybe spaghetti with home made garlic bread!! Ya that will work!

See you all latter! I'M glad you all like my picture! Thanks.

Justin in lafayette

Anonymous said...

Goodness Justin, you must be hungry LOL! my fav besides turkey is homemade dressing, and of course mashed potatoes a gravy!