Friday, November 28, 2008

Shopper's Delight Could Turn into A Sunday Full of White

My wife informed me she is not ready for snow. She is only focused on one thing today and that is shopping. Not even wind chills will slow her down. Julie says that coats just bog her down. I told her without a coat today she will need her running shoes to run from the heated car into the Mall. We do have the return of those chilly breezes t
oday with some sunshine. So it will look like another beautiful day but looks can be deceiving. The latest models in here in the wee hours of Friday still are showing the potential for our first real snow of the season. My golden shovel is ready! Notice there is uncertainly in the storm tracks but as of now I think the low pressure will be taking the northern and farther west route (track #2) which would put us in line for a good burst of snow.

The bullseye would likely be in East-Central and North-East Indiana, but we are still more than 48 hours out and a lot can still change. For now I will leave a couple of maps for you. I am going to catch up on rest and family time. But don't worry I will find plenty of time today to keep you updated and with an active pattern I will come in on the holiday weekend for both the 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts tonight. I wouldn't miss it for the world! See you soon and let the blogging begin! Here is the sneak peak preliminary snowfall total.

Meteorologist Stefanie Davis and I will continue to keep you updated throughout your Friday so you are ready for what nature will bring us for the remainder of the weekend.


Carol said...

Perfect day to get the Christmas decorations out before it starts to snow! We haven't had an accumulating snow this early in a long time! It will be so, well, Christmasy!'ve had an eye on this longer than any other meteorologist around! That's why I love the blog.
Thank you...we'll all be checking in often, I am sure!
And even if the track changes, it's still fun to anticipate!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...snow Sunday would be really bad for all the travelers who took a 4-day weekend. My own family will be traveling here and back home that day. Most have to travel to the west so hopefully the snow holds off until late day.

Sorry snow lovers, I fret about travel.


Anonymous said...

Morning bloggers, all have a nice Thanksgiving?

Is a nice day to get out the Chrismtas Decor. I am thinking of doing that myself.

I agree MA, snow would be bad for the travelers,Thank goodness for Mike, watching and posting to give us a head up for what we might be in for.

Teri in Laf

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving was GREAT.....I had sooo much turky! Need I say more!

It was fun! Also loved watching the Macy thanksgiving day parade!!

Everybody fell asleep on me thanksgiving eve and left the turky to me! I told my sister it is a good thing I can cook a turky! (She did not know how to cook a turky her self! SSSShhhhhhh lol!) :-) It was fun!

We always put it in late thanksgiving eve and it was done by 3:15am So I turned the oven off and went to sleep.....Woke up at 7:00am and started the turky again for dinner! It was good!

Now back to weather!

I'M watching this chance for snow and hopeing a lot!!!!! I'M ready to do some scopping myself!

Everybody have fun tracking weather! I'll see you off and on today! Have a great one!

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

Just checked out a few things and looks like late sunday into Monday could be WINDY!!!!! so some wind to go along with some possible snow!

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

LOL Justin, any left overs for a turkey sandwich????

Wind and snow??? now that sounds scary! I have been checking the radars as well, will have to wait and see what mother nature has in store for us:)

Anonymous said...

Well, the last nice weather for the next few days will let us get the last bits of ourdoor Christmas decorations up. Then off to pick the perfect Christmas tree Saturday morning. After that, we'll stay snug in our "burrow" on Sunday and start the holiday baking while singing some rousing choruses of "Let It Snow" ;-)

Cheryl in Brookfield Heights

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not there was a good amount of turkey left over! :-)

We already have our Christmas decorations up! We always put them up a bit early! :-)

Now I'M just sitting back and waiting for some much loved snow showers!! LoL

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin you there???/

Anonymous said...

Yep I'M here!