Sunday, November 16, 2008

Snow Flurries Fly & Temperatures Plummet!

Wow! I literally had to run to my car when getting out of church this morning. Now this is a real blast of cold air. Wind chills today will be stuck in the 20s which will make it feel like our coldest day since March. If you are looking for warmer weather this week it is going to be hard to find. I am thinking some areas will see their first teens for lows by Wednesday morning. The possible first sticking snow of the season we have been calling for here on the blog for late next week into the weekend still has potential. Latest precipitation estimates for Friday night into Saturday are .11 inches which would translate into an inch or two of snow. The ground will be much colder and the timing this week looks like it is on our side.

For now though we bundle up in this pattern and take it one day at a time! You know you have a cold pattern when you have the cold air stratocumulus clouds on the satellite picture are showing up off the Florida coastline. I have already told my parents to bundle up at today's Titans-Jaguars game. Here at home, today will be a good day to stay in and enjoy some football. Have a great day. Now off to my family. I think they want to go bowling again! Take care and stay warm. I will update the latest on the snow and cold weather here on the blog later tonight. Talk to you then.


Anonymous said...

Yep Mike I just looked outside and I got some light snow flurries!!
:-) Now Back to the COLTS GAME!!!!!


Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

My daughter is jumping for joy. She was outside came running in and yelled, HEY MOM ITS SNOWING! Funny I looked out and tiny flurries:)

She wants it to stick, I told her soon enough, my dear:))

Teri in Laf.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My son told me recently that he now understands a comment I made to him a few years ago.

I used to love snow before driving and had to get out in the snow and slush on the roads.

He doesn't look forward to snow now, either, since he drives to his classes.

Sorry, Mike.

camden girl said...

ahhh! i'm not really into snow! driving in it stinks! but it sure is pretty to look at! the kids are anxious to make snowmen!!

guess i'll just have to deal! haha!

Renee said...

My 4 year old girl has been saying that she wants to make a snowman and when I tell her there no snow yet, she says she wants to make a snow well i am shivering so off to bed with me

Anonymous said...

BRRRRR!!!!!!this morning:(

Anonymous said...

My 3 year old daughter keeps telling me that she is ready for it to snow, because she wants to eat the snow. She further proceeds to tell me she only likes eating the white snow, not the yellow snow, because the yellow snow means someone peed on it :)

The things kids say.

Anonymous said...

It is 10:48am and I still only have a temperature of 34.5* BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! This is sooo my kind of weather!! :-)

Have a great day everybody and stay warm!! :-)

Justin in Lafayette