Monday, November 3, 2008

Warmest Election Day on the Way Since LBJ Won in 1964!

It really is autumn and my daughter Megan reminds us that there are only 51 days until Christmas above.
Megan went to a birthday party in Wisconsin where Grandma got her a pink Christmas tree. As I Dad of three girls I will inevitably see a Pink Christmas and a White Christmas this year! That is fine as long as I get some snow. Thanksgiving is less than four weeks away and while we are at it and our big countdown to Winter officially begins on December 21st at 7:04 a.m. It will be here before we know it. This is a good reminder because our weather watcher highs went through the roof today as you see below. Our Renaissance camera captured an awe-inspiring sunset which was a fitting end to a picture-perfect day.

I am not sure who is going to win the election but weatherwise I can tell you we will all win with our warmest election day since 1964! In 1964 we had a high temperature of 75. Tomorrow we could see highs top out in the lower to middle 70s. The record high is 78 set back in 2003. The last four elections have had an average high of 51 degrees which is closer to normal but this year it will be about 20 degrees warmer. This is amazing. This is also a far cry from the snow flurries that fell on election day in 1976 with a high of only 41. So this time of year is a lot like my kids big bags of Halloween candy. You never know what you are going to get. This year you can take some of that candy outside and enjoy it. I had to help Lauren carry her big bag of candy home and nature is also providing plenty of treats and then some for this time of year. We are tracking possible record-breaking temperatures from Tuesday through Thursday.

This is what I like to call Jeff Smith weather. Jeff of course is our anchor at Noon, 5, and 6. Jeff loves unusually warm weather and he sent in this picture as a nice back drop to our records we are watching closely. Jeff has enjoyed every bit of our pleasant autumn this year and wants it to continue throughout the winter. I told him to just enjoy it while he can. When will Jeff's reality check come? This honeymoon from real November weather will end by late this week so get out and soak up all the sunshine you can. I am heading into work and will check back with you. A couple things we will look more closely on the news tonight and here on the blog tomorrow will be the chances of some stronger storms by Thursday and Friday.

Thunderstorms? Yes, we may be in a risk area by later Thursday and Friday for severe weather. It has been a little too quiet this autumn. So much for nature's treat. Like my daughter's Halloween candy you have to remember nature gives you a wide variety of weather this time of year. I know many of you would rather just have the variety of Kit Kats, M&M's, and 3 Musketeers that Kathy Williams was handing out on Halloween above but variety is the spice of life, especially in Indiana. Although nature may take it a bit far sometimes. I still cannot rule out a few spits of snow in extreme northern Indiana this weekend but for now I have taken out our snow flurry chances here at home, so that is a positive for many. Those that want lots of cold and snow you have to root for this weather too! The warmer we are now the colder we will be later in November and December. Nature is like a rubber band and the farther you stretch it away from its normals the bigger its impact when it snaps back. Is this why the squirrels are going nuts in my neighborhood and across much of Greater Lafayette? We will have an Earl the Squirrel update here on the blog this week. Send in squirrel pictures along with those cloud pictures. We need to stay ahead of nature in more than one way in this state! Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Hey it is never to early to put up a Christmas tree :-)

I could go for some wet weather for my rain gauge is starting to get spider webs on it (NO JOKE!) :-)

Just not the real heavy stuff!! I think we all agree on that...

However Heavy Heavy snow sounds good to me!!

I will most likely get in trouble for saying that later :-p LOL!!

Have a great day everybody!!

Justin in Lafayette

Anonymous said...

I was watching the recent updates on the election, so very close! Well Mike you are out numbered by gals, so pink is it??:)))) I love this weather, but I do like thunderstorms in a way. And if its going to snow let it be heavy so some of us can stay home and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Felt strange driving to work in day light this morning, also, I dont like it getting dark so early.

I know I will adjust in time:)

Strong t-storms for later in the week? Darn I love to track them, I bet they will happen as school dismisses, never fails:)


Anonymous said...

Love the pink tree!!!

Anonymous said...

There we go Nice to see that I'M not the only one with my tree up! Way to go Megan!!!!! Nice tree!
LOL :-)

Everybody looking forward to some wet and possible stormy weather to track on Thursday into Friday as long as it don't get to bad????? I'll Be here! You know it!

Have a great night bloggers!

Justin in Lafayette